Monday, 14 November 2011


These are the shoes in question...

Purchased from New Look for £24.99

These are not the sort of shoes I usually buy as I wouldn't really turn to them on an everday basis yet they're not high enough for me to constitute being 'night out' heels.
However, they are perfect as 'sensible' and comfortable heels. Primarily for a formal environment. 
I basically bought them to go with a suit/office wear for interview/work place scenarios. As I am now in my 4th and final year of my degree I felt I should have some suitable footwear for when the inevitable comes and I am thrust into the real world of job-hunting.
Although until then they will be safely tucked away in my wardrobe :)

As you can see from the first picture they're real suede, so I didn't mind paying a bit more than usual for New Look shoes. And they are actually really comfy too, which is obviously key here. The heel is just the right height to match a skirt suit for interviews etc in my opinion. Not too high to look like I've come straight from a club and not too flat and dowdy.

These were not my first choice, and I originally ordered a similar pair (the same price) but of which the heel/small platform were also suede. These were perfect and looked a little smarter than the pair pictured here (which I spent a while debating with myself whether the wedge material was too casual). However I had a nightmare with New Look's online ordering/delivery (which I won't go into right now, but it has subsequently been resolved) and never ended up receiving them...for them then to be permanently out of stock.

Anyone else have their 'sensible' work/formal/ heels that they crack out for the office? I would love some other suggestions for work-appropriate heels please.

Lots of love

Sunday, 6 November 2011


Did we all have fun on bonfire night last night? 
The local fireworks display I went to was good, although not as good as the one they usually do. There was no bonfire! What's a fireworks night without a bonfire or sparklers I ask you?!

I added lots of extra layers to wrap up warm last night as there's nothing worse then having to stand around outside and being chilly the whole time. 
I snapped my pictures earlier in the day though, before I had added the extra jumper and a coat to the equation.


I got both the top and the hat a couple of days ago when I had a little rummage around a few local charity shops. I'm supposed to be limiting my spending, but this is for a good cause, right?

I'm sure the hat won't be to everyone's taste (my male housemate = case in point) but I couldn't resist the combination of leopard print and fur. And all for the princely sum of £1.99! I normally have issues finding hats which actually fit well (I seem to have a deceptively small head!) but this fits well and kept my head SO warm last night. It'll be reserved for those especially nippy winter days/evenings when a fur hat is all that will do.

Top and hat: Charity shop
Black vest (under top): Topshop
Necklace: Accessorize
Trousers: Vanilla Star @ TKMaxx

I haven't worn these trousers in ages, dug them out yesterday and was reminded of just how comfy they are. They look like black skinny jeans really but they're made of a sort of joggers/soft material. All the benefits of leggings without any of the bum-covering issues. Win.

Anyone found any chairty shop gems lately?
Love and hugs

Thursday, 3 November 2011


I love a good candle.
Just going to come out and say it there!
Having them lit around my room makes me feel all cosy and homely. Plus I love the scents filling my room...which leads me on to my craving for Yankee Candles. Hardly revolutionary, I know.

My absolute favourite scent by Yankee Candles is 'fluffy towels', it's just so...nice! (Pat on the back for creative use of adjectives there...).
I love the clean scents like this one the best. The jars are so expensive that I never buy them unless it's an outlet store or there's an offer.

Anyway, I discovered a new candle shop in the city I live in and went in for a little gander of the Halloween offerings so I had something seaspnally appropriate to burn alongside our little pumpkin.

Well...the long and short of it was that the Halloween Yankee Candles are vom. They only had 2 and they both smelt horrible, so I obviously had to get something else instead...

I did exercise restraint, as you can see. 'River Valley' is a new scent, again fairly fresh and 'clean'.
And then I was fairly ashamed to be buying Christmas Eve but it really DOES smell like Christmas Eve. And I won't be burning it just yet. 

As a small note, I really recommend the wax tartlets, they are much better value for money than the candles, especially the jars. You can break them into 2 or 3 pieces and use each piece separately and they still release the same amount of scent. Each third should burn/release scent for around 8 hours.

That's all from me for now.
Lots of love
P.S. I made a cheeky little ASOS purchase this afternoon...despite a slef-imposed limit on spending. But they were having 25%student discount and it's to replace something I already bought and decided was a bit pricey so shall be returning instead...Watch this space!

Saturday, 29 October 2011


For a while now my wardrobe has taken a departure from Topshop. I've never been a walking advert for the place, but it would always be a guaranteed stop-off on a shopping trip and I'd buy a few things on an 'as and when' sort of basis.

For about the last year and a half though I just haven't really bothered with the place. Yes they do make some lovely and unique pieces, but they also make over-priced low-quality items that realistically you could buy elsewhere. Primarily it's out of my student price range. It's true that some things are worth paying that bit extra, but when I can get almost the exact same item cheaper in New Look or H&M then that's where I'll most likely go!

I know that for a lot of girls Topshop is their Mecca but the last time I stepped foot in the Oxford St branch I felt like I wasn't young enough, trendy enough, skinny enough or rich enough to be in there. Maybe I was just having a slightly inferior feeling day, and I had just come from work, but it clearly left a lasting sentiment as I haven't really browsed Topshop's offerings since (well, apart from a bit of online lusting).
That was until a few days ago...when it called to me from across the shopping centre. I had a browse, tried a few things on, and came away with this tshirt. Pretty non-revolutionary, but I like it.

This is the kind of T-shirt I LOVE. It's that soft worn-in material, doesn't have a high crew neck or funny length sleeves and, most importantly, is a bit loose and long for that slouchy feeling. Throw on one of these tshirts with skinnies and I'm happy. Plus I love the American motif and slightly grungey feel to this one. Channelling my inner rock chick. If she exists...
It was £22 from the Realitee concession, which wasn't too bad, especially with 10% student discount. Thank you Topshop.

TShirt: Topshop
Jeans: H&M


As a side note, these H&M jeans are STILL tranferring colour onto my handbags! Major source of annoyance for me (materialistically speaking of course) right now.

Ta for now

Monday, 24 October 2011


After trying to be a little bit conservative with my spending (I am supposed to be a student after all, right?) I did indulge in a little bit of shopping last week. Although I was generally good and even avoided all of those special student events where the shops have an extra discount just for that day/night/week. (That's the only time I find it plausible to buy spend in Topshop and I just couldn't trust myself! a side note, I'm just not loving Topshop much these days).

I'm sure my recent purchases will trickle into my posts along the way, but here's showcasing my new (and very bargainous) arm candy.

This is my new bag for uni, after the burden of everyday carrying books and lots of random rubbish began to show on my beloved Zara handbag.
I wanted something fairly cheap but also a bit stylish and obviously big enough to hold the usual stuff I cart around campus. I found this is New Look for the fair sum of....wait for it...£14.99. So with 10% student discount this bag only set me back £13.50. Wise purchase I think. For that price I won't be too sad if it falls apart at the ed of the year. Although I hope it doesn't because I actually quite like it! (They have it in black too but I was trying to break out of my clone went for the equally predictable tan... Sorry there's no link, I can't find them online).
I love New Look for affordably and high street style, although I do have a gripe with them at the moment, but I won't bore you with that right now.

Rest of the outfit...

Bag: New Look
TShirt: H&M
Chinos: Pull&Bear
Leopard ballet pumps: Primark (I wish I could find these in store again as I will wear this pair until they die).
Necklace: Accessorize


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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Noo Shooes?

N.B. For some reason when anyone in my family buys and wears new shoes we always spend a few minutes saying 'noo shooooes?' in stupid voices. I have no idea why, but it had to make it into the title.

It has been an age since my last post. Life sort of caught up with me for a while, sorry about that. I did snap some pics of things to show you in my absence, which I'll probably slot in somewhere along the way in the next month or so.

Anyway, back to my current shopping habit...
I always envy those girls who wear cute non-flat shoes during the daytime, just to do casual tasks, and don't look like complete dicks. I do love ballet flats but wanted to dip my toe in the non-flat daytime-shoe pool and I stumbled across these, which I thought were pretty perfecto...

Comfy wedge heel? Check. Neutral tan colour? Check (although not demonstrated terribly well in this photo!). Suede? Check. Tassels? Check. Cheap student-friendly price? Check.

These cost me around £14 from good old Primark and I love them. Really comfy and still casual enough for the day-time but I'm hoping they'll just add that little something that sometimes ballet flats just lack. I had some boots like this but with a fur cuff last winter but they KILLED the balls of my feet, so hopefully these won't take my tootsies to the same fate.

(Please excuse the anklet you can just about see poking out there. I was clearly still in sunny Spain holiday mode. It has now been removed).
I'll hopefully report back in a month or so and tell you that I live in these boots. Otherwise they'll probably join the 'I'm pretty but am killing your feet one toe at a time' pile. Hopefully the former.

In other news...I'm still not sure what to do with my other blog. It's sort of just hanging there at the moment with nothing happening to it. It overlaps with this so I don't really want to keep it as it is, but I don't want to delete I'll ponder it for a while longer I think.

That's all for now.
Hope you've had a lovely weekend :)

Sunday, 19 June 2011


Hi everyone!

This is not my first step into the online world; I do have another blog space out there. However I wanted to have a slight departure from that so created this blog in order to give it a different direction/tone. Same genre, different angle, I guess. Thanks for reading, hope some of you stick around!

I'm quite fussy when it comes to purses. And when my last one gave up the ghost and broke on me I obviously had to find a replacement. It took me a while, and in the meantime I was using one which wouldn't close and spilling pennies/cards/receipts/general purse crap all over the place, so I couldn't afford to be too choosey!

Call me particular, but I quite like the card section to open out, so I have access to them easily instead of fishing around in the coin section. I had to compromise this time and I settled on this one...

It was £14 and from Claire's ( as you can see from the giveaway label inside!)

Now tell me if I'm wrong...but I'm thinking that £14 is a lot for a purse from a kids/teen shop?! I wouldn't have paid it...except I'd grown tired of scrambling in my bag for the contents of my purse by this point. Not QUITE as many little pockets as I'd like, but it'll certainly do the job.

(I have made it sound like I forced myself into Claire's on my purse-hunting mission, but actually if you have a little hunt around they do have some cute little bracelets/handy hair bits n bobs. Although you do have to keep an eye on the price tag. I did also get a lovely nail polish for £2.50. It's a stone/nude colour...but I can't give you the shade name as the bottles are name-less. Why would you do this to a consumer?)

Well that's all for the first post!