Sunday, 19 June 2011


Hi everyone!

This is not my first step into the online world; I do have another blog space out there. However I wanted to have a slight departure from that so created this blog in order to give it a different direction/tone. Same genre, different angle, I guess. Thanks for reading, hope some of you stick around!

I'm quite fussy when it comes to purses. And when my last one gave up the ghost and broke on me I obviously had to find a replacement. It took me a while, and in the meantime I was using one which wouldn't close and spilling pennies/cards/receipts/general purse crap all over the place, so I couldn't afford to be too choosey!

Call me particular, but I quite like the card section to open out, so I have access to them easily instead of fishing around in the coin section. I had to compromise this time and I settled on this one...

It was £14 and from Claire's ( as you can see from the giveaway label inside!)

Now tell me if I'm wrong...but I'm thinking that £14 is a lot for a purse from a kids/teen shop?! I wouldn't have paid it...except I'd grown tired of scrambling in my bag for the contents of my purse by this point. Not QUITE as many little pockets as I'd like, but it'll certainly do the job.

(I have made it sound like I forced myself into Claire's on my purse-hunting mission, but actually if you have a little hunt around they do have some cute little bracelets/handy hair bits n bobs. Although you do have to keep an eye on the price tag. I did also get a lovely nail polish for £2.50. It's a stone/nude colour...but I can't give you the shade name as the bottles are name-less. Why would you do this to a consumer?)

Well that's all for the first post!


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