Saturday, 29 October 2011


For a while now my wardrobe has taken a departure from Topshop. I've never been a walking advert for the place, but it would always be a guaranteed stop-off on a shopping trip and I'd buy a few things on an 'as and when' sort of basis.

For about the last year and a half though I just haven't really bothered with the place. Yes they do make some lovely and unique pieces, but they also make over-priced low-quality items that realistically you could buy elsewhere. Primarily it's out of my student price range. It's true that some things are worth paying that bit extra, but when I can get almost the exact same item cheaper in New Look or H&M then that's where I'll most likely go!

I know that for a lot of girls Topshop is their Mecca but the last time I stepped foot in the Oxford St branch I felt like I wasn't young enough, trendy enough, skinny enough or rich enough to be in there. Maybe I was just having a slightly inferior feeling day, and I had just come from work, but it clearly left a lasting sentiment as I haven't really browsed Topshop's offerings since (well, apart from a bit of online lusting).
That was until a few days ago...when it called to me from across the shopping centre. I had a browse, tried a few things on, and came away with this tshirt. Pretty non-revolutionary, but I like it.

This is the kind of T-shirt I LOVE. It's that soft worn-in material, doesn't have a high crew neck or funny length sleeves and, most importantly, is a bit loose and long for that slouchy feeling. Throw on one of these tshirts with skinnies and I'm happy. Plus I love the American motif and slightly grungey feel to this one. Channelling my inner rock chick. If she exists...
It was £22 from the Realitee concession, which wasn't too bad, especially with 10% student discount. Thank you Topshop.

TShirt: Topshop
Jeans: H&M


As a side note, these H&M jeans are STILL tranferring colour onto my handbags! Major source of annoyance for me (materialistically speaking of course) right now.

Ta for now

Monday, 24 October 2011


After trying to be a little bit conservative with my spending (I am supposed to be a student after all, right?) I did indulge in a little bit of shopping last week. Although I was generally good and even avoided all of those special student events where the shops have an extra discount just for that day/night/week. (That's the only time I find it plausible to buy spend in Topshop and I just couldn't trust myself! a side note, I'm just not loving Topshop much these days).

I'm sure my recent purchases will trickle into my posts along the way, but here's showcasing my new (and very bargainous) arm candy.

This is my new bag for uni, after the burden of everyday carrying books and lots of random rubbish began to show on my beloved Zara handbag.
I wanted something fairly cheap but also a bit stylish and obviously big enough to hold the usual stuff I cart around campus. I found this is New Look for the fair sum of....wait for it...£14.99. So with 10% student discount this bag only set me back £13.50. Wise purchase I think. For that price I won't be too sad if it falls apart at the ed of the year. Although I hope it doesn't because I actually quite like it! (They have it in black too but I was trying to break out of my clone went for the equally predictable tan... Sorry there's no link, I can't find them online).
I love New Look for affordably and high street style, although I do have a gripe with them at the moment, but I won't bore you with that right now.

Rest of the outfit...

Bag: New Look
TShirt: H&M
Chinos: Pull&Bear
Leopard ballet pumps: Primark (I wish I could find these in store again as I will wear this pair until they die).
Necklace: Accessorize


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