Saturday, 29 October 2011


For a while now my wardrobe has taken a departure from Topshop. I've never been a walking advert for the place, but it would always be a guaranteed stop-off on a shopping trip and I'd buy a few things on an 'as and when' sort of basis.

For about the last year and a half though I just haven't really bothered with the place. Yes they do make some lovely and unique pieces, but they also make over-priced low-quality items that realistically you could buy elsewhere. Primarily it's out of my student price range. It's true that some things are worth paying that bit extra, but when I can get almost the exact same item cheaper in New Look or H&M then that's where I'll most likely go!

I know that for a lot of girls Topshop is their Mecca but the last time I stepped foot in the Oxford St branch I felt like I wasn't young enough, trendy enough, skinny enough or rich enough to be in there. Maybe I was just having a slightly inferior feeling day, and I had just come from work, but it clearly left a lasting sentiment as I haven't really browsed Topshop's offerings since (well, apart from a bit of online lusting).
That was until a few days ago...when it called to me from across the shopping centre. I had a browse, tried a few things on, and came away with this tshirt. Pretty non-revolutionary, but I like it.

This is the kind of T-shirt I LOVE. It's that soft worn-in material, doesn't have a high crew neck or funny length sleeves and, most importantly, is a bit loose and long for that slouchy feeling. Throw on one of these tshirts with skinnies and I'm happy. Plus I love the American motif and slightly grungey feel to this one. Channelling my inner rock chick. If she exists...
It was £22 from the Realitee concession, which wasn't too bad, especially with 10% student discount. Thank you Topshop.

TShirt: Topshop
Jeans: H&M


As a side note, these H&M jeans are STILL tranferring colour onto my handbags! Major source of annoyance for me (materialistically speaking of course) right now.

Ta for now


  1. Love it :-)
    Im not a big fan of topshop, i hardly ever find something in there worth buying. Except their shoes, but lately they havent been that great.

    Holli x

  2. Those are my kind of tee's! I have gone off of Topshop allot though recently!

    xoxo Jess

  3. Wow, you look great!

    It seems to be the general sentiment about Topshop, especially these days - that their clothes are increasingly expensive. I remember the days when it was affordable student fashion and things were so reasonably priced. Now, you'd be lucky to find anything under £30- I only ever browse their sales now, and even then,it's a little extortionate! x

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way about Topshop! I always hear people listing it as their favourite shop and I was starting to think it was just me! Saying that though...I may HAVE to give in and save up for their allegra boots though xxx