Sunday, 6 November 2011


Did we all have fun on bonfire night last night? 
The local fireworks display I went to was good, although not as good as the one they usually do. There was no bonfire! What's a fireworks night without a bonfire or sparklers I ask you?!

I added lots of extra layers to wrap up warm last night as there's nothing worse then having to stand around outside and being chilly the whole time. 
I snapped my pictures earlier in the day though, before I had added the extra jumper and a coat to the equation.


I got both the top and the hat a couple of days ago when I had a little rummage around a few local charity shops. I'm supposed to be limiting my spending, but this is for a good cause, right?

I'm sure the hat won't be to everyone's taste (my male housemate = case in point) but I couldn't resist the combination of leopard print and fur. And all for the princely sum of £1.99! I normally have issues finding hats which actually fit well (I seem to have a deceptively small head!) but this fits well and kept my head SO warm last night. It'll be reserved for those especially nippy winter days/evenings when a fur hat is all that will do.

Top and hat: Charity shop
Black vest (under top): Topshop
Necklace: Accessorize
Trousers: Vanilla Star @ TKMaxx

I haven't worn these trousers in ages, dug them out yesterday and was reminded of just how comfy they are. They look like black skinny jeans really but they're made of a sort of joggers/soft material. All the benefits of leggings without any of the bum-covering issues. Win.

Anyone found any chairty shop gems lately?
Love and hugs