Thursday, 3 November 2011


I love a good candle.
Just going to come out and say it there!
Having them lit around my room makes me feel all cosy and homely. Plus I love the scents filling my room...which leads me on to my craving for Yankee Candles. Hardly revolutionary, I know.

My absolute favourite scent by Yankee Candles is 'fluffy towels', it's just so...nice! (Pat on the back for creative use of adjectives there...).
I love the clean scents like this one the best. The jars are so expensive that I never buy them unless it's an outlet store or there's an offer.

Anyway, I discovered a new candle shop in the city I live in and went in for a little gander of the Halloween offerings so I had something seaspnally appropriate to burn alongside our little pumpkin.

Well...the long and short of it was that the Halloween Yankee Candles are vom. They only had 2 and they both smelt horrible, so I obviously had to get something else instead...

I did exercise restraint, as you can see. 'River Valley' is a new scent, again fairly fresh and 'clean'.
And then I was fairly ashamed to be buying Christmas Eve but it really DOES smell like Christmas Eve. And I won't be burning it just yet. 

As a small note, I really recommend the wax tartlets, they are much better value for money than the candles, especially the jars. You can break them into 2 or 3 pieces and use each piece separately and they still release the same amount of scent. Each third should burn/release scent for around 8 hours.

That's all from me for now.
Lots of love
P.S. I made a cheeky little ASOS purchase this afternoon...despite a slef-imposed limit on spending. But they were having 25%student discount and it's to replace something I already bought and decided was a bit pricey so shall be returning instead...Watch this space!


  1. I love Yankee candles and I really want to try the Christmas Eve one!

  2. Definitely give it a go, it smells lovely and homely! x

  3. It's hard to believe that a nice smell can come from a simple little candle. I have a strawberry and a midnight jasmine flavor that smells unbelievably good. You can't go wrong with student discount shopping..