Wednesday, 25 January 2012


I haven't posted in ages it would seem! My laptop has been rather broken so I haven't really been able to, couple that with the Christmas holidays and then end of semester deadlines and that pretty much equals a post-free zone. Sooooo in case you've missed's my face!

However, I purchased a cute little the cardigan the other day and snapped a few pics of it that I thought I'd share with you.


Cardigan: Charity shop, Top: H&M, Jeans: River Island

The cardigan is very cute, although when I saw it I wasn't really sure what I would wear it with but I was already attached to buying it, even if I only wear it around the house! I haven't exactly styled it all here (I am fully aware of this!) but just wanted to show you my alpaca success! It has been mission for a while to buy something with this little cutie on it). The cardi is a touch itchy but, according to my housemate (whose word I shall take as gospel), itchy jumpers keep you warmer as they irritate the skin a little so there's always a blood flow at the surface of your skin, therefore keeping you toastier. Win.

I have some pics I took over the festive period of outfits and bits that I bought and that I want to show you, as well as sharing my list of new year's resolutions (better late than never right!) which so far I have pretty much been upholding :)

Love and hugs
 P.S. As one of my resolutions this year I set up a daily blog, which is located here:
(It's on tumblr instead of blogger for various boring reasons, but in case you're interested at my ramblings, go and take a look)


  1. That is a gorgeous jumper! It's so cute, I would have been the same; attached even if I had nothing to wear it with!

  2. Love the cardigan, it's so cute. I never knew that about itchy jumpers :) xx

  3. your style is amazingly cute!
    I love your eyes :)