Sunday, 26 February 2012


I know, I know. You don't need to tell me... Top marks for an imaginative title right? It's fair to say inspiration was thin on the ground when typing that!

Ok so this post is basically what it says on the tin. I've been using a few new/different hair products lately and realised I have shared basically NONE of the make up/beauty products that I have been buying/using since this blog's inception. Shame on me. Especially as products ar basically where it's at for me. Clothes have never been the main 'thing'. So let's get back to my youtube origins with a little product post shall we?

Here in lies the product in question...

AVON Advanced Techniques, Daily Results,
'Dry Ends Serum'


This product is by no means new to the beauty world, and this bottle isn't even new to my product drawer. I bought this probably over a year ago after hearing good things about it. However, it unfortunately went the way of many products and got a bit neglected. I dabbled with it a little but wasn't really seeing the hype, so pushed it aside.

However, fast-forward a couple of years and a good few inches of hair growth later and this serum re-entered my life. I have not had my hair cut for a long time (far too long in fact). Add to that the fact that I lightened the ends which was less than kind to my hair and my partiality for using a hot conical wand, and this is no longer the recipe for smooth sleek ends.

Result = split ends and a bit of end frizz.

So I contemplated buying a smoothing/repair serum when I remembered I had this product lurking back at home. I dusted it off and went about encorporating it into my regime.

How I use it : I add one pump to my hands, rub them together and apply the product through the mid-lengths and ends of my WET hair after I've towel-dried and combed it into a parting. If I'm having my hair straight I blow dry it then add another pump through the ends. This is when I can see the most results from the product. It makes the ends feel silky and smooth, hiding my unsightly split ends.

(I add a little to the ends when my hair is wavey too, just to make it less fluffy)

The serum smells lovely and is non-greasy, so won't leave your hair oily looking (as long as you don't go crazy with it!).

I should point out that a serum is NOT going to fix your split ends (I'm looking at you Pantene Split End Mender!) as this is...well, impossible. However, they help to bind the split ends together (whilst the product is on, not permanently) and mostly just smooth the ends to prevent that frizzy look caused by damaged ends/cuticles.

I haven't tried the other 'end mender' serums as, frankly, this one does the job for me. It's well within budget and Avon often have offers so you can get yourself a few bargain products to try out. 

I recommend giving this product a go for anyone on the look out for a fairly cheap smoothing serum, if you either have damaged ends, friz-prone/coarse hair or are just looking to streamline your locks.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions for this sort of product. I'm also considering dabbling with a hair oil if anyone has a good suggestion for a not-too-expensive starting point! Don't want anything too heavy/rich as my hair is quite fine. Suggestions please? :)


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  1. Serums are normally to heavy for my hair and leave it all lank so I would be interested in suggestions too!