Saturday, 31 March 2012


 Let's be honest, a pretty mundane shopping post this week!

I actually picked these bits up when I went to town last Saturday but then completely forgot I had the photo on my SD card.

I had just been paid (which was long-awaited!) so stocked up on a few of those boring essentials that were about to run out.

The Aussie is my shampoo/conditioner of choice and it's usually on some sor tof price offer in either Boots or Superdrug. I alternate between these and another brand (whatever takes my fancy when I'm buying).

Simple Light Moisturiser is also something I use every day and was just squeezing the last drops out of my bottle so needed to repurchase.

Shower gel and deodorant. Pretty self-explanatory.

Finally I picked up some new sunglasses from H&M as it was so sunny on Saturday and my other pair were all broken. This is pretty much a replica of them though... H&M has some pretty cheapy glasses in at the moment so definitely worth a look if you tend to be a bit careless with them like me, These were only a fiver. They have some nice cases too if you're guilty of just throwing them in your bag and scratching them up...again, like me.
Sunglasses never really suit my face, but aviators seem to be ... okay. So thi is the shape I'm sticking with for now.

H x

Monday, 19 March 2012


This little pile of goodies was the result of this week's shopping trip. I just needed to replace a few regular products that I've finished/am about to finish but ended up getting something different for each of them rather than my usual (if that makes sense?).

The No.7 eyelashes I'm not sure about, but I got them with my other £5 off voucher so they were around £2. I have a tendency to get that slight 'drag' look in false lashes so I'm hoping the 'natural' style of these might be a bit more flattering and a bit less sleepy bumble bee. Not going to try them out any time soon though as I will readily admit that I'm hopeless with applying falsies.

Razors and baby wipes are pretty standard really, no explanation needed. I don't use the wipes to cleanse but just to 'refresh' my face in the morning really. My skin reacts badly to most wipes but plain old baby wipes seem to be fine. As long as I don't rub!

My usual go-to dry shampoo (Umberto Gianinni) was out of stock so I went for this which was on offer. Haven't tried it yet (fingers crossed it'sa colour-less spray) but it smells amazing. Like boy. But nice boy.

Finally i the moisturiser. Again, I had run out of body moisturiser and this was on offer in Superdrug. I'm not really brand loyal here, just want something nice/neutral smelling and quickly absorbed.

I quite like these little shopping picture overview posts. Easy and concise.

Any tried any of these products?

H x

Sunday, 18 March 2012


Technically I am departing from the sort of blog 'brief' here and not actually showing any products/clothes/anything I've bought in this post. But I just fancied a chattier sort of post, SO here we go.

I was just going to type in and then I realised that a blog post without any pictures is pretty damn dull, so here you have my washed out Sunday evening face, even complete with cheek spot. (Hiding by my's there, I promise).

Today has been rather a failure to be honest. I had all the intentions of doing uni work but didn't feel massively motivated when I got up. So I thought a trip to town might mak me do work when I came back. But Not so much. Rubbish.

The dissertation deadline in looming and I am actually beginning to get rather a panic. I've come up a few research obstacles which definitely need to be sorted sooner rather than later. I am always a last-minute worker, but I think I sort of owe it to myself not to rush this and settle for an alright mark.

What I did do instead of work was stock up on much needed products that were running low and do a food shop. Mainly consisting of carbs.

Had a little look in H&M earlier and, whilst that had a few nice bits in, the changing room lighting was horrendous. Well, either that or I really need to cut out those carbs! I don't get it, it seems an obvious retail point that you should make fitting rooms as flattering as possible.

Today has been a bit of an odd day. I woke up this morning convinced it was Monday and have had that sensation ever since! When my boyfriend visits he usually comes on a Friday but this week he came on Thursday, therefore apparently throwing my body-clock out of sync. 

I would report on my week but it's been a blur of uni assignments and lectures to be honest. Oh the fun of final year! Any else currently experiencing the same routine?

I did have a nice friday/saturday though so I can't complain. Quality time with friends and Mark :)

Right, back to watching The Walking Dead and playing Draw Something on my android then. I am currently addicted to both! Goodbye life. But someone please tell me whyyyy my playing partners keep just writing the word instead of drawing anything? Where's the sense/fun in that?!

Hope everyone's had a nice Sunday. See you all tomorrow :)


You may have spied this item in my last post featuring all the bits I bought last Saturday, but I thought I'd sneak in a quick post showing you it in slightly better detal, just in case any of you have a No.7 voucher lurking in your bag and were looking for somthing to spend it on before it expires.

This is the Brush Bag by No.7 from Boots.

It doesn't come with any brushes in it and, whilst it's handy to have, for its original price of around £8 I wouldn't have purchased. But with the voucher it was around £3 which I think is a bargain. Currently when I'm staying somewhere overnight I end up tossing my make up brushes into my wash bag and hoping they don't get too crushed, which isn't ideal considering how much some brushes cost. This is a much nicer way for them to travel. Also ideal for anyone who takes brushes with them in their handbag for quick touch-ups or a cheeky bit of en-route application in the mornings.

I have a couple more No.7 voucher still but I don't think I'll be spending them. Nothing's taking my fancy and normally I grab a couple of nail varnishes, but I'm beginning to think I already own all the colours I like/will actually wear. Save my pennies I think! In any case, it won't be long til the next round of vouchers. ( I did get one other thing today which I'll show you soon!)

Any one else bought anything good with their vouchers this time round?

I'm off to try to motivate myself to do uni work now. Even though my dissertation deadline is looming (which terrifies me!) I still can't stop myself being a lazy moo. Serious intervention needed. Maybe a block on my watching of The Walking Dead? 

Sunday, 11 March 2012


So I may have dabbled in some shopping in town today...
I wasn't too bad though.
Scouted out lots of future purchases for my holiday too! Anyone want to give me £200 for holiday clothes? No? Oh okay.

Shall be showing you some of these beauts in better detail as the week goes in. Was a good day. I even got nice service at a make up counter. Quite a turn-out! Obviously I shan't be showing you my Clinton's purchases, but I hope you've all remembered Mothers' Day! (next Sunday, not tomorrow. I don't want to incite panic!)

(The only thing missing from the group goodies shot is my Boots meal deal lunch. I'm telling you I'm obsessed with them. Obsessed!)