Sunday, 18 March 2012


Technically I am departing from the sort of blog 'brief' here and not actually showing any products/clothes/anything I've bought in this post. But I just fancied a chattier sort of post, SO here we go.

I was just going to type in and then I realised that a blog post without any pictures is pretty damn dull, so here you have my washed out Sunday evening face, even complete with cheek spot. (Hiding by my's there, I promise).

Today has been rather a failure to be honest. I had all the intentions of doing uni work but didn't feel massively motivated when I got up. So I thought a trip to town might mak me do work when I came back. But Not so much. Rubbish.

The dissertation deadline in looming and I am actually beginning to get rather a panic. I've come up a few research obstacles which definitely need to be sorted sooner rather than later. I am always a last-minute worker, but I think I sort of owe it to myself not to rush this and settle for an alright mark.

What I did do instead of work was stock up on much needed products that were running low and do a food shop. Mainly consisting of carbs.

Had a little look in H&M earlier and, whilst that had a few nice bits in, the changing room lighting was horrendous. Well, either that or I really need to cut out those carbs! I don't get it, it seems an obvious retail point that you should make fitting rooms as flattering as possible.

Today has been a bit of an odd day. I woke up this morning convinced it was Monday and have had that sensation ever since! When my boyfriend visits he usually comes on a Friday but this week he came on Thursday, therefore apparently throwing my body-clock out of sync. 

I would report on my week but it's been a blur of uni assignments and lectures to be honest. Oh the fun of final year! Any else currently experiencing the same routine?

I did have a nice friday/saturday though so I can't complain. Quality time with friends and Mark :)

Right, back to watching The Walking Dead and playing Draw Something on my android then. I am currently addicted to both! Goodbye life. But someone please tell me whyyyy my playing partners keep just writing the word instead of drawing anything? Where's the sense/fun in that?!

Hope everyone's had a nice Sunday. See you all tomorrow :)

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  1. I totally agree that the changing room mirrors should install some form of slimming cheat - kinda like those funny mirrors at the fair ahaha. Love a good rant / chat post! :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie