Sunday, 11 March 2012


So I may have dabbled in some shopping in town today...
I wasn't too bad though.
Scouted out lots of future purchases for my holiday too! Anyone want to give me £200 for holiday clothes? No? Oh okay.

Shall be showing you some of these beauts in better detail as the week goes in. Was a good day. I even got nice service at a make up counter. Quite a turn-out! Obviously I shan't be showing you my Clinton's purchases, but I hope you've all remembered Mothers' Day! (next Sunday, not tomorrow. I don't want to incite panic!)

(The only thing missing from the group goodies shot is my Boots meal deal lunch. I'm telling you I'm obsessed with them. Obsessed!)


  1. I'm on the lookout for holiday buys too! Even though its an age away I figure if I start buying now it won't be as bad as blowing 200 nearer the time!

    And yes to meal deals. Amazing.


  2. you definatly do buy pretty things, cant wait to see more! i didnt know yankee candles came in that size, perfect! x

  3. lovely purchase :) check out mine