Sunday, 18 March 2012


You may have spied this item in my last post featuring all the bits I bought last Saturday, but I thought I'd sneak in a quick post showing you it in slightly better detal, just in case any of you have a No.7 voucher lurking in your bag and were looking for somthing to spend it on before it expires.

This is the Brush Bag by No.7 from Boots.

It doesn't come with any brushes in it and, whilst it's handy to have, for its original price of around £8 I wouldn't have purchased. But with the voucher it was around £3 which I think is a bargain. Currently when I'm staying somewhere overnight I end up tossing my make up brushes into my wash bag and hoping they don't get too crushed, which isn't ideal considering how much some brushes cost. This is a much nicer way for them to travel. Also ideal for anyone who takes brushes with them in their handbag for quick touch-ups or a cheeky bit of en-route application in the mornings.

I have a couple more No.7 voucher still but I don't think I'll be spending them. Nothing's taking my fancy and normally I grab a couple of nail varnishes, but I'm beginning to think I already own all the colours I like/will actually wear. Save my pennies I think! In any case, it won't be long til the next round of vouchers. ( I did get one other thing today which I'll show you soon!)

Any one else bought anything good with their vouchers this time round?

I'm off to try to motivate myself to do uni work now. Even though my dissertation deadline is looming (which terrifies me!) I still can't stop myself being a lazy moo. Serious intervention needed. Maybe a block on my watching of The Walking Dead? 

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