Saturday, 31 March 2012


 Let's be honest, a pretty mundane shopping post this week!

I actually picked these bits up when I went to town last Saturday but then completely forgot I had the photo on my SD card.

I had just been paid (which was long-awaited!) so stocked up on a few of those boring essentials that were about to run out.

The Aussie is my shampoo/conditioner of choice and it's usually on some sor tof price offer in either Boots or Superdrug. I alternate between these and another brand (whatever takes my fancy when I'm buying).

Simple Light Moisturiser is also something I use every day and was just squeezing the last drops out of my bottle so needed to repurchase.

Shower gel and deodorant. Pretty self-explanatory.

Finally I picked up some new sunglasses from H&M as it was so sunny on Saturday and my other pair were all broken. This is pretty much a replica of them though... H&M has some pretty cheapy glasses in at the moment so definitely worth a look if you tend to be a bit careless with them like me, These were only a fiver. They have some nice cases too if you're guilty of just throwing them in your bag and scratching them up...again, like me.
Sunglasses never really suit my face, but aviators seem to be ... okay. So thi is the shape I'm sticking with for now.

H x

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