Monday, 19 March 2012


This little pile of goodies was the result of this week's shopping trip. I just needed to replace a few regular products that I've finished/am about to finish but ended up getting something different for each of them rather than my usual (if that makes sense?).

The No.7 eyelashes I'm not sure about, but I got them with my other £5 off voucher so they were around £2. I have a tendency to get that slight 'drag' look in false lashes so I'm hoping the 'natural' style of these might be a bit more flattering and a bit less sleepy bumble bee. Not going to try them out any time soon though as I will readily admit that I'm hopeless with applying falsies.

Razors and baby wipes are pretty standard really, no explanation needed. I don't use the wipes to cleanse but just to 'refresh' my face in the morning really. My skin reacts badly to most wipes but plain old baby wipes seem to be fine. As long as I don't rub!

My usual go-to dry shampoo (Umberto Gianinni) was out of stock so I went for this which was on offer. Haven't tried it yet (fingers crossed it'sa colour-less spray) but it smells amazing. Like boy. But nice boy.

Finally i the moisturiser. Again, I had run out of body moisturiser and this was on offer in Superdrug. I'm not really brand loyal here, just want something nice/neutral smelling and quickly absorbed.

I quite like these little shopping picture overview posts. Easy and concise.

Any tried any of these products?

H x

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