Saturday, 28 April 2012


Here's another shopping post for you.

I originally did these posts as a way to quickly show you what I've been buying lately without waiting for me to get around to wearing/using it. But actually I really like the formula now. I love seeing what other people are buying (beauty-wise more so than clothes) and this gives you a brief look without too many photos or too much detail. Due to my disorganised self I tend to completely forget the individual items when I'm using them so it's much easier to just snap a pic of it there and then. Then I can always come back and focus on a specific item if I want to in a later post. I hope you like this format because it works for me!

This is a bit of a catch up because I've bought a variation of things and wanted to get them all in to this post...

I'm not normally a huge fan of Dorothy Perkins to be honest. I do like some of their stock but I find their sizing odd, casual items tend to be overpriced and, truth be told, it just has this 'mumsy' connection in my head. But, like a moth to flame, I followed their email link to the launch of the 50% sale and found this 2 items which had both caught my eye pre-sale. Depite the looming prospect of unemployment when I graduate, I love the oat coloured dress for a work environment and at £7 from £40 with only 1 left (and in my size!) I felt it was fate. Has a nice fit, not too snug like most designs at the moment! The other dress is just a casual jersey material skater style dress. Lovely for summer and injecting a bit of much-needed pattern into my neutral-filled wardrobe. £26 was a bit steep for jersey material though, so at £16 I went for it. Had to justify the postage for the first dress, right?

 Forever 21 Tshirts: I love the cut of these tshirts and would perhaps compare them to the American Apparel onces which are far pricier. Not too fitted, long length, nice v-neck. I do have to upsize to a Large to get this fit though. £3.75 each and loads of colours to choose from!
H&M top: Sleeveless, slightly sheer, a pocket and floaty. All good in my booKs. Perhaps a bit low to wear as it is though, so I'll be adding a vest or a tube bra underneath to protect modesty!

I've heard good things about Panoxyl Gel from a few youtubers, some who were prescribed it for their acne and others who bought it over the counter (as I did). I got the lowest strength but haven't had a chance to give it much of a go yet.
The Vitamin E oil was in place of buying pure Vitamin E oil from Holland and Barratts for around £8/9. Thought I'd test the waters with this first for around a quarter of the price and so far I like it! (Superdrug's own brand btw).
I don't get on too well with false lashes so (on Laura's recommendation) am going to give these half lashes a go. I haven't seen them in the UK but bought them from this ebay seller for a few pounds.

Has anyone tried out any of these products? Or got any recommendations for good basic tshirts like the F21 ones I bought? (I'm desperately hoping they wash well because my machine have had fallings out in that department!)

H x

Sunday, 15 April 2012


Can you tell that the blip of sunny weather the UK had a couple of weeks ago influenced this handful of goodies slightly?

I love this dress from ASOS, it's just a nice cut/fit. A basic 'skater' style dress with a scalloped v neck, and the back has the same neckline. I'm not a fan of body-con/fitted styles on myself so this works for me. Quite a bargain too.

Revlon lip butter. Pretty predictable I know. I got this in the colour 'Sugar Frosting' and do quite like it, although I do think they're over-priced. This colour reminds me a bit of a slightly darker but sheered out version of MAC's Pretty Please.

Full Repair spray was on offer and I'm hoping it'll go at least some way in reducing the horrible state of my ends at the moment!

Cheapo sun cream, pretty simple. This was around £5 for a big bottle. I don't understand why people spend loooads on suncream if it's just standard stuff they want for slapping on in the UK or something. The cheap ones are just as effective and save you lotsof pennies.

I found this post in draft version from a week or 2 ago and had forgotten to post it. The next post will be up-to-date, promise!

H x

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


I had a bit of free time today (read: was doing anything to not do my dissertation work) so did a spot of filming for my youtube channel.

I've had it requested a few times so decided to do a video about how I achieve my every day wavey hair/beach waves (of sorts).

 I don't claim to be a hair expert, in fact it's probably what I spend the least time on, and the tip isn't earth-shattering. But it's very simple so I thought I'd share it in the hope that it might help out a few of my fellow straight-haired girls. I know I'm on a constant mission to add some texture to my otherwise stubbornly straight locks. This method also avoids using any heat so is good if (like me) you've got slightly frazzled ends and want to avoid making them worse with daily conical wand/GHD abuse.

So if you're interested you can watch the video HERE on my channel heartsandsquiggles :)

If anyone has any other good tips/methods for achieving beachy waves easily then I'd love to hear them
Like I said, it's a constant mission for a bit of volume!

H x

P.S. Ok I admit the picture's not the BEST display of the hairstyle as I've somewhat covered them...didn't really realise this until post mini photo-sesh!