Saturday, 28 April 2012


Here's another shopping post for you.

I originally did these posts as a way to quickly show you what I've been buying lately without waiting for me to get around to wearing/using it. But actually I really like the formula now. I love seeing what other people are buying (beauty-wise more so than clothes) and this gives you a brief look without too many photos or too much detail. Due to my disorganised self I tend to completely forget the individual items when I'm using them so it's much easier to just snap a pic of it there and then. Then I can always come back and focus on a specific item if I want to in a later post. I hope you like this format because it works for me!

This is a bit of a catch up because I've bought a variation of things and wanted to get them all in to this post...

I'm not normally a huge fan of Dorothy Perkins to be honest. I do like some of their stock but I find their sizing odd, casual items tend to be overpriced and, truth be told, it just has this 'mumsy' connection in my head. But, like a moth to flame, I followed their email link to the launch of the 50% sale and found this 2 items which had both caught my eye pre-sale. Depite the looming prospect of unemployment when I graduate, I love the oat coloured dress for a work environment and at £7 from £40 with only 1 left (and in my size!) I felt it was fate. Has a nice fit, not too snug like most designs at the moment! The other dress is just a casual jersey material skater style dress. Lovely for summer and injecting a bit of much-needed pattern into my neutral-filled wardrobe. £26 was a bit steep for jersey material though, so at £16 I went for it. Had to justify the postage for the first dress, right?

 Forever 21 Tshirts: I love the cut of these tshirts and would perhaps compare them to the American Apparel onces which are far pricier. Not too fitted, long length, nice v-neck. I do have to upsize to a Large to get this fit though. £3.75 each and loads of colours to choose from!
H&M top: Sleeveless, slightly sheer, a pocket and floaty. All good in my booKs. Perhaps a bit low to wear as it is though, so I'll be adding a vest or a tube bra underneath to protect modesty!

I've heard good things about Panoxyl Gel from a few youtubers, some who were prescribed it for their acne and others who bought it over the counter (as I did). I got the lowest strength but haven't had a chance to give it much of a go yet.
The Vitamin E oil was in place of buying pure Vitamin E oil from Holland and Barratts for around £8/9. Thought I'd test the waters with this first for around a quarter of the price and so far I like it! (Superdrug's own brand btw).
I don't get on too well with false lashes so (on Laura's recommendation) am going to give these half lashes a go. I haven't seen them in the UK but bought them from this ebay seller for a few pounds.

Has anyone tried out any of these products? Or got any recommendations for good basic tshirts like the F21 ones I bought? (I'm desperately hoping they wash well because my machine have had fallings out in that department!)

H x


  1. you definatly do buy pretty things. and i have been contemplating trying panoxyl, i dont have acne so it would only be used on the odd spot but id love to know what you think of it :) xx

  2. I will definitely let you know how I get on with it in the long run. So far I can't really see it doing much, but maybe I've not put in enough time with it yet! x