Sunday, 15 April 2012


Can you tell that the blip of sunny weather the UK had a couple of weeks ago influenced this handful of goodies slightly?

I love this dress from ASOS, it's just a nice cut/fit. A basic 'skater' style dress with a scalloped v neck, and the back has the same neckline. I'm not a fan of body-con/fitted styles on myself so this works for me. Quite a bargain too.

Revlon lip butter. Pretty predictable I know. I got this in the colour 'Sugar Frosting' and do quite like it, although I do think they're over-priced. This colour reminds me a bit of a slightly darker but sheered out version of MAC's Pretty Please.

Full Repair spray was on offer and I'm hoping it'll go at least some way in reducing the horrible state of my ends at the moment!

Cheapo sun cream, pretty simple. This was around £5 for a big bottle. I don't understand why people spend loooads on suncream if it's just standard stuff they want for slapping on in the UK or something. The cheap ones are just as effective and save you lotsof pennies.

I found this post in draft version from a week or 2 ago and had forgotten to post it. The next post will be up-to-date, promise!

H x


  1. Totally agree with everything you've said so - plus i have those bedsheets!! great minds eh ;) x

  2. nice bits you got, but thats so true. as soon as there is a glimps of sun im going out buying all my summery bits. now i cant wear them thanks to the rainy miserable weather there is now! ha x

  3. Haha def on the bed sheet front!

    Yeah I definitely won't be needing that sun lotion any time soon! :( I can hope though eh?