Saturday, 12 May 2012


Right now I am...

  • In DESPERATE need of a haircut
  • Ditto with the re-dye
  • Living in a world of final-year deadline/revision stress
  • About to book flights for my holiday to Spain with the mister
  • Resisting prematurely holiday shopping for the afore-mentioned holiday. (But when the time's right, I do need a whole new bikini wardrobe, right?)
  • Daydreaming of drinking Pimms in the garden with my bestest housemate in 2 weeks' time. When it WILL be sunny.
  • Saying that, I'm enjoying the slight sunshine that today has brought
  • Enjoying my current Yankee candle (Autumn fruits)
  • Crossing my fingers (toes, legs, arms, eyes...) that I won't be facing long term unemployment once uni churns me out into the big wide world! 
  • Looking forward to a trashy TV evening of The Voice and BGT. Kim and my Saturday 'date' night. Oh yes, I know you're jealous.

And a final thought for today, if you haven't seen the video of this woman then you are seriously missing out... If you watch Russell Howard's Good News then you'll recognise these 6 words...'Ain't nobody got time for that!'

1 comment:

  1. Haha, that video is hilarious! I used to LOVE Russell Howard, went to see him last year but I just kept forgetting to watch his show and I have missed so many episodes now. My all time fave (and there are so many!) is when he dressed up as a fairy and said every time Gordon Brown smiles its so fake it kills a fairy?! Don't know if you have seen that one... and it kept showing GB smiling and then a fairy dancing (ie Russ) dropping dead and other fairies (ie men dressed up) were shouting WHY!!! WWWWHHHHYYYYYYY!!!! It is hilarious!!