Thursday, 9 August 2012

Hi blogettes, it's me :)

Hi everyone :)

Hope life's been treating you all well. We're definitely due a little catch up so grab a cuppa and let's have a natter.

That there above is me on a lovely island in sunny Spain. I would love to tell you I'm still there, currently blogging from a sandy beach, but sadly not. (Well, maybe it's not all bad, I'm not really the biggest fan of sand).
I went to Spain for a week with my lovely boyfriend in mid-July and had a really relaxing holiday which was much needed to unwind and celebrate my 4 years at university coming to a successful end.

I'm now back on terra firma in the not-so-sunny south east of England which does make me yearn for the loveliness of holiday times again, but it's not all grey and rainy back home...

Now I don't mean to be smug, it's not really my style, but things are going pretty well really. And I don't mind saying so, because I've worked bloody hard for it!
 As I mentioned, my 4 years at university came to an end in June and I moved out of my shared little west country house at the beginning of July ::sob sob::
It was definitely sad leaving the uni 'bubble' and most importantly leaving some fantastic friends and housemates. I'm not sure at what point I'll get to have those sort of friendships playing out on a daily basis again. But there are positives too. (Which is good because, if you're reading this Kim, I already miss you a LOT).

I only went and graduated didn't I. 
(Insert picture of me grinning like a simpleton in my 'I'm not grown up enough to be wearing these yet' gowns) - 

I may have moved back in with parents permanently now which...has required a bit of getting used to and a lot of biting my tongue, but I am being kept pretty busy. Which is good, because it means we're not all hanging around under each other's feet at home.

I don't think I mentioned it, but I did apply to do a masters/postgraduate course whilst I was still at uni, and I got offered a place to study the MA that I wanted. As you can imagine I was pretty happy with this, especially as it's not a hugely catered for subject.
However, life being life, and finances being finances, I couldn't afford to stump up the fees for the course in September. So I have now deferred my place for the next academic year and everything is confirmed, so I have my place waiting for me in Autumn 2013.

In the mean time I don't want to just be flouncing around being a bit of a blob. I applied for a LOT of relevant experience positions and sent a lot of speculative applications and with a lot of perseverence and a bit of luck it paid off. So I'm currently interning at a company in London, in the sector I want to be in and generally getting some good experience.
Unfortunately the position is currently payment of expenses only, which obviously does suck a bit. (Free labour anyone?) But, in all seriousness I am very grateful for the opportunity to absorb whatever experience I can!

(Obviously I will need to get off my bum and go and earn some cold hard cash to fund this awaiting masters course at some point, but there's plenty of time!)

Phew, I feel like there was a lot there. But I just wanted to bring the blog up to date and sort of get it all down on paper. Well, virtual paper. Sometimes that helps to sort things in your head a bit, if you know what I mean? And also, we all love a little nose into what other people are up to don't we? Well, I do at least. 'Life' posts are up there with some of my fave ones to read.

That's it. All up to date. The 'i's are dotted and the 't's crossed.


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