Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Winter coat

I finally relented and ordered a new winter coat last week after I got paid.
I really dislike wearing big coats and resent spending all that money on them, but I had to admit that my blazers just weren't cutting it for warmth any more. Winter seems to have well and truly moved in and it is freeezing waiting on that train platform in the morning.

I'd been eyeing up a coat on the New Look website for a while and once my pay hit my account I ordered it, with my fingers crossed that it wouldn't be disappointing in real life. It arrived yesterday and I have to say...I love it!

I was worried it would be too long, but it comes just below the bum so the length is fine. I just love it: the zips, the (p)leather detailing, the cut. I am a fuss-pot when it comes to outerwear, so this is quite a result.

I did also order a second coat which I'd tried on in-store, just in case this one wasn't a good fit/didn't look right, but it'll be going straight back (once it arrives) as this one will do just fine!

This one's from Dorothy Perkins in case you wanted to know. I love the detachable fur collar, but the coat's not really very 'me', so just as well the other one's a keeper.

The other coat I've been lusting after is this one, but I just can't justify the £85 at the minute really. The cold weather is also making me long for a big padded parka coat with a fluffy hood, just because they look so cosy.

I'm going to hold off debuting the new coat until after this weekend though as I don't want it stinking of bonfires and fireworks just yet. Instead I'll be cracking out a big hoodie, my well-loved black coat and a furry leopard print hat to keep me warm on bonfire night :)

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Train fodder

As a result of my boring daily commute I get through quite a lot of books. Far more than I ever had time to read when I was still at uni. Despite my love for browsing a good book shop I rarely buy books brand new any more. I would cost me a fortune...almost as much as the daylight robbery that is my train fare.
Instead I generally pick them up in charity shops for considerably less and then just redonate when I'm done.
(I do obviously also have 'coffee table' books, non-fiction bits, any favourites and some of the ones I do buy new gracing a rather large bookshelf in my room).

Above are  the titles I picked up on Sunday at a local boot sale.
Tess Gerritsen is one of my favourite authors so i basically buy anything I don't already have. If you like thriller/crime/murder mystery sort of books with a more interesting edge to them then I highly recommend her.
Chic lit is something I am picky about and generally avoid because there is a lot of pure brainless rubbish out there. But reading thriller after thriller can be somewhat gloomy, so I need to intersperse it with something. I've read the preceding books in the 'I heart...' series so this was a n obvious one to pick up. easy going, not too deep but holds my interest enough in the characters.
Marian Keyes is probably my chic lit of choice though. Although I hesitate to use that genre as I don't think it necessarily fits, but they're definitely girls' books. There's always added humour and depth to the stories though, not the 'oh no my boyfriend's broken up with me, but I'm going to rally the girls and make myself fabulous' sort of drivel. And I like that they're set in Ireland. Again, I recommend.
Recommendations of anything similar would be much appreciated, I've got a lot of train hours to fill!

Monday, 29 October 2012

Rollers saved my life

Yes I am talking about hair rollers. And yes I'm being a tad over-dramatic. Just a tad, mind.

I am blessed/cursed (depending on which side of the curly/straight coin you fall on) with naturally dead straight hair, which is also quite fine without any real natural volume to it. All very wah wah wah...
As a result I generally dislike wearing my hair straight as it tends to look a bit flat and limp, and I prefer to opt for the faking it wavey/curly 'do'.

Well it would appear that I no longer need to fear straight hair as I've discovered the wonders of hair rollers! All very simple, I know. Where have I been?!

(Above are the cheap and cheerful velcro rollers I've been using by the way. Pack of four for £1 in Savers! I think packs of big rollers are only around £5 in Boots/Superdrug anyway though).

Now I don't roll my hair up around these, as you might if you were using hot rollers or had shorter hair. I literally just plonk them in at the root, as many as I can get in or have to hand (usually borrow a few of Mum's too) and leave them for as long as I can before I need to go out. Simple as that. They just added a much-needed boost of volume at the root and, surprisingly, this lasts for a pretty good amount of time. Highly recommended, especially for anyone like me who feels like they're hair's just a bit lack-lustre when straight.

(In case anyone was wondering, I only use these post-hair wash/blow dry. Don't think it'd work on second day hair or without the heat added. I just let my hair air dry as much as possible then blast it with a hair dryer for about 5 mins, including a bit of upside down time).

I've even been known to pop these in before dashing out the door in the morning and leaving them in for my 20 minute drive to the train station. Very glam. Just don't forget to remove them before exiting the car!


Sunday, 28 October 2012

Just write

So, I've been putting off posting for a while now. Not on purpose, but nothing just ever seems 'right'. But I wanted to write on my blog tonight, so that's what I'm doing. There are lots of things I've bought, or articles I've come across and thoughts that have popped into my head since my last post, but when it comes down to it I've always just decided that none of the items become quite formed enough to form a 'proper' post, I get distracted by something, whatever it is becomes irrelevant...and I still haven't written a post. There are plenty of people out there who see their blog as a platform for a career in a given industry, or who treat what they put out as a professional piece of work and who dedicate a lot of time to perfecting it all. Writing and re-editing posts, taking perfect HD pictures, and then scrapping it all if it seems underdone. Which is all fine. I enjoy regularly reading many blogs that come across to me as if they are maintained in this way by the blogger behind them. However, that is never going to be me. Which is also fine.

So I was thinking earlier that I wanted to write a post. Despite not having anything that I could categorise under a specific theme, or not having enough material for what I deemed a 'proper' post, and not having good enough photos due to the crumby early-darkness of winter. And then I realised: just write the post. So that's what I'm going to do from now on.

Some posts will be more put together than others. Some will be more aesthetically pleasing and more clearly thought out, with a purpose. Others will be less so. That's just how it's going to be. And I hope that's okay, but if not..well, that's what works for me so that's what I'm going to stick with. Like everyone else I know, I'm a pretty busy bee most of the time, so waiting until I can perfectly form everything I want to put on here is going to be a road to nowhere. My posts published over the last 2 in point.

I like having my own little cubby hole of internet space so this blog is sticking around. Hopefully I'll see some of you along for the (not always so perfect) ride.