Monday, 29 October 2012

Rollers saved my life

Yes I am talking about hair rollers. And yes I'm being a tad over-dramatic. Just a tad, mind.

I am blessed/cursed (depending on which side of the curly/straight coin you fall on) with naturally dead straight hair, which is also quite fine without any real natural volume to it. All very wah wah wah...
As a result I generally dislike wearing my hair straight as it tends to look a bit flat and limp, and I prefer to opt for the faking it wavey/curly 'do'.

Well it would appear that I no longer need to fear straight hair as I've discovered the wonders of hair rollers! All very simple, I know. Where have I been?!

(Above are the cheap and cheerful velcro rollers I've been using by the way. Pack of four for £1 in Savers! I think packs of big rollers are only around £5 in Boots/Superdrug anyway though).

Now I don't roll my hair up around these, as you might if you were using hot rollers or had shorter hair. I literally just plonk them in at the root, as many as I can get in or have to hand (usually borrow a few of Mum's too) and leave them for as long as I can before I need to go out. Simple as that. They just added a much-needed boost of volume at the root and, surprisingly, this lasts for a pretty good amount of time. Highly recommended, especially for anyone like me who feels like they're hair's just a bit lack-lustre when straight.

(In case anyone was wondering, I only use these post-hair wash/blow dry. Don't think it'd work on second day hair or without the heat added. I just let my hair air dry as much as possible then blast it with a hair dryer for about 5 mins, including a bit of upside down time).

I've even been known to pop these in before dashing out the door in the morning and leaving them in for my 20 minute drive to the train station. Very glam. Just don't forget to remove them before exiting the car!


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