Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Winter coat

I finally relented and ordered a new winter coat last week after I got paid.
I really dislike wearing big coats and resent spending all that money on them, but I had to admit that my blazers just weren't cutting it for warmth any more. Winter seems to have well and truly moved in and it is freeezing waiting on that train platform in the morning.

I'd been eyeing up a coat on the New Look website for a while and once my pay hit my account I ordered it, with my fingers crossed that it wouldn't be disappointing in real life. It arrived yesterday and I have to say...I love it!

I was worried it would be too long, but it comes just below the bum so the length is fine. I just love it: the zips, the (p)leather detailing, the cut. I am a fuss-pot when it comes to outerwear, so this is quite a result.

I did also order a second coat which I'd tried on in-store, just in case this one wasn't a good fit/didn't look right, but it'll be going straight back (once it arrives) as this one will do just fine!

This one's from Dorothy Perkins in case you wanted to know. I love the detachable fur collar, but the coat's not really very 'me', so just as well the other one's a keeper.

The other coat I've been lusting after is this one, but I just can't justify the £85 at the minute really. The cold weather is also making me long for a big padded parka coat with a fluffy hood, just because they look so cosy.

I'm going to hold off debuting the new coat until after this weekend though as I don't want it stinking of bonfires and fireworks just yet. Instead I'll be cracking out a big hoodie, my well-loved black coat and a furry leopard print hat to keep me warm on bonfire night :)

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