Thursday, 20 December 2012


I didn't include toner in my skincare routine for a long time and I would still say that i don't think it's a necessary step, but it definitely has its uses.
I don't use toner every day within my morning or evening routine but instead use it as more of a refresher or an extra cleansing step if I feel the need. It's perfect for waking up your skin in the morning and cleaning away any oil, dirt or product residue from overnight.

I know people often use toners to tighten pores etc and I don't really find that they serve this purpose for me. But then this wasn't really my goal either.

Above are the two toners that I've used previously/am currently using. The Nivea one is my preferred choice. It's gentle, it smells nice and basically does the job for a few pounds. It was out of stock when I went to repurchase though and, not wanting to spend a fiver on a different one when I knew I would just buy the Nivea when I saw it next, I picked up this cheapy Wilkinson's own brand version. This does an alright job too but is completely scent-free (which may appeal to some of you) and feels slightly more drying. It was very cheap and is a good back up but for the extra few pounds I'd rather use the Nivea on a regular basis.

The only thing about the Nivea toner is that it does have a tendency to pour out if you're not careful (or sometimes even if you are), which it a bit wasteful and also annoying when I accidentally soak myself with toner in the morning.
So now I always dispense the toner into this travel size spray bottle which is much handier and has much less potential for toner-spillage. Job done.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

New daily perfume

This is my most recent perfume addition and one which I have been wearing every day since I was given it as a birthday gift a couple of weeks ago.

This is Taylor Swift's debut perfume 'Wonderstruck' and I have to be honest...I did originally give it a sniff just because it's Taylor Swift. And the bottle's really pretty, if not a little tacky. (But who's to judge? I love a bit of tack).

The scent is quite sweet and floral, but with little bit of musk so that it's not too sickly or overpowering. And that's as far as my description of the scent is going to go. Not really my forte. But basically, if you like Taylor Swift or sweet perfumes then go and have a whiff and see what you think. It's a nice scent and the longevity isn't bad.

As you can see, I was given the perfume gift set for my birthday which comes with a couple of handy extra: a mini handbag-sized bottle of perfume and the Wonderstruck moisturiser. 

I was thinking it would just be cheap old moisturiser that had be scented to match, but I was pleasantly surprised and really like this. It sinks in to your skin really quickly and isn't at all greasy, but it does leave your skin feeling soft and smelling good.

When these run out I will probably see if the moisturiser is available separately and repurchase that first, rather than the perfume. I like the smell  but I have a few perfumes to be getting through and I'm still determined to find a 'signature scent', so no repurchasing can be done until I am at least close! I do like climbing into bed smelling of this though, on the rare occasions that I actually remember to moisturise before bed.

P.S. Typically I like 'clean' scents the most and it is the perfect clean scent that I am on a mission to find, which i can wear every day. So any suggestions are welcome for perfumes which smell 'clean'...whatever that means.