Thursday, 20 December 2012


I didn't include toner in my skincare routine for a long time and I would still say that i don't think it's a necessary step, but it definitely has its uses.
I don't use toner every day within my morning or evening routine but instead use it as more of a refresher or an extra cleansing step if I feel the need. It's perfect for waking up your skin in the morning and cleaning away any oil, dirt or product residue from overnight.

I know people often use toners to tighten pores etc and I don't really find that they serve this purpose for me. But then this wasn't really my goal either.

Above are the two toners that I've used previously/am currently using. The Nivea one is my preferred choice. It's gentle, it smells nice and basically does the job for a few pounds. It was out of stock when I went to repurchase though and, not wanting to spend a fiver on a different one when I knew I would just buy the Nivea when I saw it next, I picked up this cheapy Wilkinson's own brand version. This does an alright job too but is completely scent-free (which may appeal to some of you) and feels slightly more drying. It was very cheap and is a good back up but for the extra few pounds I'd rather use the Nivea on a regular basis.

The only thing about the Nivea toner is that it does have a tendency to pour out if you're not careful (or sometimes even if you are), which it a bit wasteful and also annoying when I accidentally soak myself with toner in the morning.
So now I always dispense the toner into this travel size spray bottle which is much handier and has much less potential for toner-spillage. Job done.


  1. Your blog is lovely, i have followed...

  2. That is actually such a good idea to put your toner in a little spray bottle! instead of trying to tip the right amount onto a cotton pad :)
    Thanks for the tip haha xx

  3. I'm the same with toner, i dont see the point of it too much! But its a nice extra step in your daily routine! That spray bottle is such a clever idea, so simple yet i would have never throught of it haha

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