Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Life: lite

With spring slowly creeping in (yes I know it's not reeeally, but it hasn't snowed for a week and at the minute that's good enough for me), and a few posts cropping up about fake tans...I'm  constantly left wondering if no one else has the same fake tan issue that I have? I don't use the stuff very often (partly because I am l too lazy/impatient) but whenever I use it on my legs I get lines in the colour down my legs where the seams of my skinny jeans are. And I CANNOT seem to avoid this. I can put it on, have bare legs for 3 days then wear skinny jeans one day...and bam, the colour's gone where my jeans seams were. They you have to exfoliate like a crazy woman to get all the colour off to start again, otherwise be forever streaky. I see no one else complaining about this ever so I've concluded it must just be me, right?

I'm mentally preparing (e.g. getting excited and mentioning it to everyone) for my holiday to Morocco next week. Give me sunshine and camels.

Am currently away on a course for the week, pretending to be mature and making lots of notes to take back to work. Sure, some of the training is a bit dull but some of it is really interesting/useful. Plus I get a week's stay in a lovely hotel paid for me. Bonus. (The picture at the top is of the view!). office.

Thinking it’s a good idea to start setting aside some sort of budget for shopping each month…otherwise I just feel horrendously guilty every time I hand over my debit card. I don't want to always feel bad spending money...I earn it so I should get to enjoy it, not just pay for train tickets and petrol! Anyone else have this spend guilt even though they shouldn't? I blame my poor student/intern days.

I am hoping that ITV’s Broadchurch will actually come to a conclusion, as I am hooked. Mum and I have invested a lot of time into this show, so if it leaves me hanging I’ll be upset! I have just realised the finale is whilst I’m away…so I shall be closing my ears and eyes to it until I’ve kicked the Sky+ box into action after my return.

It may still be cold but I am determined to get back into my ballet pumps. Screw you weather.I WILL be without socks.

Although I am super excited for my holiday to Morocco (yep, we’re back to that again) my current pre-occupation is what exactly I’m going to where… Let’s just say it’s not going to be the most fashion-forward holiday. I refuse to buy some awakrd knee length shorts though.

(The post title just came to me when I was typing. It's like the bullet-pointed 'lite' version of what's going on, as in like a 'lite' version of an app...get it? Rubbish, I know. )

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