Thursday, 18 April 2013

Shopping Bags #1

A  few purchases from recent trips to Boots. Mainly new bits, and lots of thumbs up...

The only repurchase of the bunch is this Rimmel Sun Shimmer bronzer which is a really nice light bronzer that I've relied on to add overall warmth to my face during the cold months that are dragging on. Easy to apply without overdoing it and a nice daily product, especially if you have lighter skin.

I had nothing in mind when looking for a new eye cream and Boots Time Delay Youth Maintain Replenishing Eye Cream was on offer, so my decision was made for me. It's nice. Not earth-shattering...but few products are. Not sure I'd pay the full price but it's well worth the £5 that it cost me.

Maybelline Expertwear blushers in Rosewood and Peach (top)........ , which is sort of a hybrid blusher/bronzer colour. Fancied a new blusher and took advantage of Boots ever-tempting 3 for 2 offer. Hate the packaging but the products are okay. Just okay though. Nice enough to add choice to my daily blusher but I wouldn't repurchase. Peach, whilst not being very peachy, is a good 'warming up the face' product.

I like lighter coverage foundation so had been looking to pick up Revlon Nearly Naked foundation for a while. I faffed for ages as they only seem to carry the same 5 shades in every store, but in the end I went with Vanilla anyway and it's not a bad match. Have been using this pretty much every day since I bought it and I like it. Not too shiny even on oily skin and has a fair lasting power, so it ticks my boxes for now. (The only negative is that I swear it smells like butter. Just me?)

Revlon was buy one get one half price when I bought the foundation, so I panicked and bought the Revlon Photoready concealer. It's nice enough, but doesn't replace my Rimmel 'Wake me up'. Gives really good coverage for under-eye bags but it just looks a bit settled and powdery by the end of the day.

Even though Benefit's High Beam is one of my favourite products at the moment it still doesn't satisfy my glowing skin craving so I bought this MUA highlighter. Sure it's a bit  'artificial' shimmer, but it's cheap and cheerful and actually a lot finer and non-glittery than other more expensive highlighters out there. Worth a go if you're searching for extra glow with all this cold/dry weather.

I bought this Dove Leave-In Conditioning Spray for damaged hair and have already decided it will have a permanent place in my fairly minimal haircare routine. It smells nice and helps keep my damaged hair soft, as well as leaving zero residue. I also really like it to refresh the lengths of second day hair.

That's all for now. Will post my next little stash of stuff. I am off to Morocco on holiday tomorrow so maybe I'll have a holiday post for you? Only maybe was apparently 38 degrees yesterday and no one needs to see pictures of me practically melting.

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  1. I've heard great things out that Revlon's Photoready concealer and Rimmel's wake me up. What makes Rimmel wake me up stand out more to you?

    Cheers, Kelsey.