Saturday, 25 May 2013

This Week's Wardrobe #2

Another week, another largely bland work wardrobe. I like what I wore on Saturday (these boots are really comfy!) but it went downhill after that.
I brought in my pink blazer to brighten things up a bit and make a change from my black one all the time...but then I ended up wearing this every day instead. Not quite the goal! Black cardigan was a permanent fixture pretty much all week, as were my beloved black skinny jeans. And yes, Friday is a recycle of Tuesday, I was in a rush! Not a vast improvement on last week but baby steps though, right?
Favourite outfits were Saturday AM and Thursday.
Goal is to find some other trousers for work. I'm not buying anything that I don't love, doesn't fit perfectly in the old crotch department or that is black. Could be more of a long-term project this one...

Again, all suggestions for workwear are welcome! What are you guys wearing to the office?

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Weekly Highlights #3

L-R: 1. Mark trying to look 'gangster' with the terrible hats in Primark. 2. Album downloaded this week. 3. The start of a lovely night out with two of my best friends :)... Yep that is a big purple cast on poor Emma's arm :( 4. Current commuter reading material.
5. Face mask time. 6. pretending I'm being productive by writing lists and filling in my diary. 7. My little Meggy is 14 years old! 8. First name Hannah, last name Hudson. Perfect dress! 
9. Martha Stewart stationary, organisational heaven!  10. Best surprise this week was Mark finding these Wonka's Gobstoppers that I haven't seen since I was little. 11. We went for yummy food, which I failed to take any photos of, but I do have this one of Mark. 12. Overnight bags that get brought along every week when I stay at Mark's. 

Work was fairly dismal last week to be honest. You know how it is sometimes. So I was living for the weekend, which then passed far too quickly. Was up bright and early on Saturday and spent a lovely day with Mark before a really fun night with some friends. Food and wine at home, wine at the pub and a little dance at the end. Perfect. Glad to say I was in a better state than the other two the next morning.

Friday, 17 May 2013

This Week's Wardrobe #1

Let me caveat this post straight off by saying I am no style blogger. I think one glance at the snaps below clears that right up! The point here isn't to give anyone fashion inspiration; there are plenty of amazing and very well-dressed blogging ladies out there to cover everyone's tastes.

I like clothes. I have certain styles that I'm most comfortable with and then every now and again I'll add in a few different bits and bobs and attempt to switch it up a bit. Blacks and neutrals are my safe place though.

I came up with this idea as a way of making myself shake things up a bit, especially with my work wear. If I document my outfits every day then maybe I'll be more inclined to have some variety and interest on a daily basis.

I am someone who is guilty of buying new things but still sticking to my old basics.
I also suffer from 'I have to leave in 5 mins so what can I grab from my wardrobe/floor/laundry that I know will work?'
Everyone should have a handful of safe 'go to' outfits for when they're short of time or inspiration, but I just stick to mine all the time.
It'll be interesting to see how this collection of posts builds up. I'm sure you'll notice a pattern. I am a creature of habit.

All comments and suggestions on my ever-similar wardrobe are most welcome : ) Honestly, I could do with the help.
Please tell me I'm not alone in drab weekly work-wear cycle?

(It might be worth noting that I don't work in one of those super trendy/young office environments where you can wear anything that might be found in the latest ASOS magazine. No cute tailored shorts or cut out dresses but a bit of personality is definitely okay. Sometimes (just sometimes) I like to wear something a bit weird just for the comments from colleagues).

Thursday, 16 May 2013

New Favourite: 'New York' Perfume

Perfume isn't really a big thing for me. I wear it almost every day but am not up to date with the latest releases or  forever adding them to wishlists. Having said that, I am on a life-long mission to find a perfume worthy of the 'signature scent' title. I have a fair amount of typical  sweet, floral scents which are nice but are just not quite 'right'. I always want something more clean, fresh and neutral but am left disappointed when I test the perfumes that are advertised as such. Lots of citrus scents and strange undertones!

Now this may not be THE answer, but it's certainly getting there...

Next 'New York' Eau de Parfum 50 ml: £8

I used to love a bit of Next's 'Just Pink' when I was at school but it's a little sweet for my liking now. However I did notice Next's latest perfume offerings, named after several cities, and couldn't resist having a spritz.

I was torn between New York and London, but after my friend and I each spritzed one and wandered round wearing them for the rest of the day, we decided she (New York wearer) definitely smelt better. So we both popped back and purchased the next day.

I really like the simple packaging, and the price is obviously a big bonus, so you can spray away to your heart's content (without working out the average price per spritz in the your head and wincing at the answer).

I have now written half a page and not mentioned what the perfume actually smells like...essentially the most important point. That's because I'm basically rubbish at describing smells other than saying 'it's really nice, go and try it!'. But I will give it a go. Because it's not very helpful for you if I don't.

What the box says: Top notes of Bergamot and Orange blossom. A heart of Tuberose and Gardenia. Base notes of Amber and Patchouli. 'A radiant, white floral fragrance with elegant jasmine and sun-kissed orange blossom. Inspiring and cosmopolitan, it captivates and engages the senses'.

In my own words: Fresh with a bit of depth. Makes me feel a bit more grown up, but not in a 'I'm wearing my Mum's perfume' sort of way!

Where I would wear it: Everyday, work or play. Inoffensive enough for the office but nice enough for you to still notice it.

Longevity: The scent itself is on the subtler side once spritzed, but does tend to hang around for most of the day, which is no worse than I find with more expensive brands.

So if you're looking for a new scent, go and have a spray and tell me what you think. They also do 3 others in the same collection: London, Florence, Milan. Although one of them honestly smelt like the end of a night out to me. Like you'd spilt an archers/lemonade down yourself. I won't say which one though, just in case it turns out to be your favourite. I've also just seen they do a little set of all four too. And candles if you're that way inclined. Which I am.

Anyone else tried these perfumes or have any similar suggestions? I'd love to hear.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Weekly Highlights #2

L-R: 1. Bought 'Easy Living' mag after hearing it's now gone out of publication...and wished I'd discovered it earlier! 2. I may have made a sneaky H&M order. Fingers crossed it doesn't take an age to get to me. 3. Looking like a mentalist with rollers in my hair. Yes this is how I use them. Not normal, I know. 4. Favourite meal deal combo at the moment. Should really be taking my lunch into work instead of buying it though.
5. Mermaid nails take#2. Maybelline 'Chilled Lilac' and Topshop 'Snow queen'. 6. My first McDonald's breakfast. Ever. 7. My wrist combo for most of the week. 8. Pizza Express yum. I like to order a giant pizza so I can eat half and take the other half home for later. 9. My poor car cost me a lot of money at the weekend.
10. My 'go to' hair style when it needs a wash. 11. Adding things to my mental 'buy at some point' list. 12. This book is fascinating. 13. Debuting the necklace I bought the week before.

Another fairly quiet week really, including the weekend. My car needed major fixing on Saturday which swallowed up a large part of my afternoon (and my bank balance) and left myself and boyf stranded at the mechanics with only a couple of odd shops to entertain ourselves. Highlight of this was finding Nerds sweets in one of these shops (remember those?!). We bought every flavour obviously. I did then treat to car to a car wash afterwards in an attempt to bribe her not to break again! The rest of Saturday was then spent at a kiddies' birthday party, where most of the parents were around our age. Scary. Sunday mainly centred around Nando's which, in my food excitement, I forgot to photograph.

Hope you all had a fun weekend, let me know what you got up to :)

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Shopping Bags #2

The bits and pieces I picked up on last Saturday's wanderings around the high street...

Glamour is the only magazine I buy regularly, every month without fail. None of the other monthlies really 'fit' for me and buying weekly magazines all the time just ends up expensive. Although I am guilty of snapping up Heat and More occasionally.

Necklace: New Look £6.99
'Glow shine' liquid highlighter: George@Asda £3, Nail Polish: George@Asda £1
I thought this gold necklace would brighten up some of my all black outfits that are sort of my go-to for work. And also my friend has this in silver and I had necklace envy. The verdict from my mostly male colleagues has been quite reserved.

Sneaked these into the basket during a trip to Asda. Am on the look-out for dupes of Benefit's High Beam before my little bottle runs out. And then I was just attracted to this nail polish, despite never buying/wearing blues or greens on my nails. Ever. This has actually proven pretty chip-proof so far. Worth a go for £1.

Vest: New Look £12.99, Metallic t-shirt: Next £16
I love this khaki vest from New Look. In fact, I love it so much that I went back and bought it in black. And am also contemplating adding the berry coloured one. And the white.
It's a nice light floaty material without being at all see-through and is that perfect amount of baggy that sits well but doesn't make you look like a bag lady. And, unlike most vests/sleeveless shirts at the moment, the back of the vest is not half a foot longer than the front. I have real issue with this.

Spangly metallic charcoal t-shirt from Next that my magpie self was drawn to. Upsized by one size for a better fit. I figured that this is a good multi-tasker item: for daytime, for work and with heels and a blazer for a bar/pub night out.

Jumper: H&M £14.99, Cardigan: Primark £6
The brightness of this jumper sent the camera crazy, hence the not so great picture. It really is bright. I mean super bright! I am not really one for wearing much colour in my clothes but this neon pink jumper called to me after I saw it on Lily Pebbles' post and I could do with some more colourful bits for spring/summer. I'm envisaging wearing it with denim shorts on one of those summery but not that warm days. I kind of wish I'd got a medium though for a slightly baggier fit, and I haven't taken the tags off yet, so may pop into H&M to exchange that at the weekend.

And the most boring purchase was just this 3/4 sleeve navy cardigan from Primark. Super cheap and I wear my black one all the time, so just picked this up to have a bit more choice for work.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Weekly Highlights #1

L-R: 1. My doggy Tessa spends a lot of time staring into the fields behind our garden looking for something that the rest of us can't see. 2. Mark ready for bank holiday fun. 3. No7 polish in 'Afternoon Tea'. 4. Lunchtime impulse purchases.
5. Facetime shot. 6. Had my hair chopped (long overdue) and cracked out my yellow lace top again now the sun's made an appearance. 7. Barry M Orange polish and back to my favourite foundation. 8. Forever puzzled as to why they sell these clear glasses in so many places as a serious item.
9. Trying out Asda polish. 10. The highlight of my at-desk breakfasts. 11. Trying to look outdoorsy. 12. What I like to call my mermaid nails.

This week has been your fairly average week of work, that is until the bank holiday weekend arrived :)
I did a spot of shopping (where it promptly chucked it down with rain!) and ate a LOT of food on Saturday (Bill's for lunch and takeaway for dinner...). Boyf and I went to a local National Trust place on Sunday and had far too much fun playing what was basically hide-and-seek in the forest. We must have looked like right wallies but it was such a laugh. Then Monday was a pub lunch with the besties, complete with scampi, cider and plenty of sunshine :) My bank holiday weekend was ended by having a bit of relax family time in the garden with my parents and our woofties (otherwise known as dogs).

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend as much as I did. Roll on the end of May for another bank holiday!

(Note: I do not generally change my nail colour this often during one week. This was the result of having had a nail polish clear-out/reorganise. FYI 80 bottles remain. 80! Nobody needs that much nail polish).