Saturday, 11 May 2013

Shopping Bags #2

The bits and pieces I picked up on last Saturday's wanderings around the high street...

Glamour is the only magazine I buy regularly, every month without fail. None of the other monthlies really 'fit' for me and buying weekly magazines all the time just ends up expensive. Although I am guilty of snapping up Heat and More occasionally.

Necklace: New Look £6.99
'Glow shine' liquid highlighter: George@Asda £3, Nail Polish: George@Asda £1
I thought this gold necklace would brighten up some of my all black outfits that are sort of my go-to for work. And also my friend has this in silver and I had necklace envy. The verdict from my mostly male colleagues has been quite reserved.

Sneaked these into the basket during a trip to Asda. Am on the look-out for dupes of Benefit's High Beam before my little bottle runs out. And then I was just attracted to this nail polish, despite never buying/wearing blues or greens on my nails. Ever. This has actually proven pretty chip-proof so far. Worth a go for £1.

Vest: New Look £12.99, Metallic t-shirt: Next £16
I love this khaki vest from New Look. In fact, I love it so much that I went back and bought it in black. And am also contemplating adding the berry coloured one. And the white.
It's a nice light floaty material without being at all see-through and is that perfect amount of baggy that sits well but doesn't make you look like a bag lady. And, unlike most vests/sleeveless shirts at the moment, the back of the vest is not half a foot longer than the front. I have real issue with this.

Spangly metallic charcoal t-shirt from Next that my magpie self was drawn to. Upsized by one size for a better fit. I figured that this is a good multi-tasker item: for daytime, for work and with heels and a blazer for a bar/pub night out.

Jumper: H&M £14.99, Cardigan: Primark £6
The brightness of this jumper sent the camera crazy, hence the not so great picture. It really is bright. I mean super bright! I am not really one for wearing much colour in my clothes but this neon pink jumper called to me after I saw it on Lily Pebbles' post and I could do with some more colourful bits for spring/summer. I'm envisaging wearing it with denim shorts on one of those summery but not that warm days. I kind of wish I'd got a medium though for a slightly baggier fit, and I haven't taken the tags off yet, so may pop into H&M to exchange that at the weekend.

And the most boring purchase was just this 3/4 sleeve navy cardigan from Primark. Super cheap and I wear my black one all the time, so just picked this up to have a bit more choice for work.


  1. I love the necklace from new look!

  2. Super cute cardigan! I've tagged you in my most recent post.

    Cheers, Kelsey.