Saturday, 25 May 2013

This Week's Wardrobe #2

Another week, another largely bland work wardrobe. I like what I wore on Saturday (these boots are really comfy!) but it went downhill after that.
I brought in my pink blazer to brighten things up a bit and make a change from my black one all the time...but then I ended up wearing this every day instead. Not quite the goal! Black cardigan was a permanent fixture pretty much all week, as were my beloved black skinny jeans. And yes, Friday is a recycle of Tuesday, I was in a rush! Not a vast improvement on last week but baby steps though, right?
Favourite outfits were Saturday AM and Thursday.
Goal is to find some other trousers for work. I'm not buying anything that I don't love, doesn't fit perfectly in the old crotch department or that is black. Could be more of a long-term project this one...

Again, all suggestions for workwear are welcome! What are you guys wearing to the office?

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  1. I really like that yellow lacy top you wore on Wednesday. So pretty :)