Thursday, 9 May 2013

Weekly Highlights #1

L-R: 1. My doggy Tessa spends a lot of time staring into the fields behind our garden looking for something that the rest of us can't see. 2. Mark ready for bank holiday fun. 3. No7 polish in 'Afternoon Tea'. 4. Lunchtime impulse purchases.
5. Facetime shot. 6. Had my hair chopped (long overdue) and cracked out my yellow lace top again now the sun's made an appearance. 7. Barry M Orange polish and back to my favourite foundation. 8. Forever puzzled as to why they sell these clear glasses in so many places as a serious item.
9. Trying out Asda polish. 10. The highlight of my at-desk breakfasts. 11. Trying to look outdoorsy. 12. What I like to call my mermaid nails.

This week has been your fairly average week of work, that is until the bank holiday weekend arrived :)
I did a spot of shopping (where it promptly chucked it down with rain!) and ate a LOT of food on Saturday (Bill's for lunch and takeaway for dinner...). Boyf and I went to a local National Trust place on Sunday and had far too much fun playing what was basically hide-and-seek in the forest. We must have looked like right wallies but it was such a laugh. Then Monday was a pub lunch with the besties, complete with scampi, cider and plenty of sunshine :) My bank holiday weekend was ended by having a bit of relax family time in the garden with my parents and our woofties (otherwise known as dogs).

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend as much as I did. Roll on the end of May for another bank holiday!

(Note: I do not generally change my nail colour this often during one week. This was the result of having had a nail polish clear-out/reorganise. FYI 80 bottles remain. 80! Nobody needs that much nail polish).

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