Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Weekly Highlights #2

L-R: 1. Bought 'Easy Living' mag after hearing it's now gone out of publication...and wished I'd discovered it earlier! 2. I may have made a sneaky H&M order. Fingers crossed it doesn't take an age to get to me. 3. Looking like a mentalist with rollers in my hair. Yes this is how I use them. Not normal, I know. 4. Favourite meal deal combo at the moment. Should really be taking my lunch into work instead of buying it though.
5. Mermaid nails take#2. Maybelline 'Chilled Lilac' and Topshop 'Snow queen'. 6. My first McDonald's breakfast. Ever. 7. My wrist combo for most of the week. 8. Pizza Express yum. I like to order a giant pizza so I can eat half and take the other half home for later. 9. My poor car cost me a lot of money at the weekend.
10. My 'go to' hair style when it needs a wash. 11. Adding things to my mental 'buy at some point' list. 12. This book is fascinating. 13. Debuting the necklace I bought the week before.

Another fairly quiet week really, including the weekend. My car needed major fixing on Saturday which swallowed up a large part of my afternoon (and my bank balance) and left myself and boyf stranded at the mechanics with only a couple of odd shops to entertain ourselves. Highlight of this was finding Nerds sweets in one of these shops (remember those?!). We bought every flavour obviously. I did then treat to car to a car wash afterwards in an attempt to bribe her not to break again! The rest of Saturday was then spent at a kiddies' birthday party, where most of the parents were around our age. Scary. Sunday mainly centred around Nando's which, in my food excitement, I forgot to photograph.

Hope you all had a fun weekend, let me know what you got up to :)


  1. I love reading your weekly highlights posts :) I did a New Look online order earlier. Hope my clothes turn up quickly too, I want to try them all on! Haha :)

    Becky xx


  2. Aw thank you :) Yeah I get so impatient when i do an online order, i just want it all here now! xx