Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Weekly Highlights #3

L-R: 1. Mark trying to look 'gangster' with the terrible hats in Primark. 2. Album downloaded this week. 3. The start of a lovely night out with two of my best friends :)... Yep that is a big purple cast on poor Emma's arm :( 4. Current commuter reading material.
5. Face mask time. 6. pretending I'm being productive by writing lists and filling in my diary. 7. My little Meggy is 14 years old! 8. First name Hannah, last name Hudson. Perfect dress! 
9. Martha Stewart stationary, organisational heaven!  10. Best surprise this week was Mark finding these Wonka's Gobstoppers that I haven't seen since I was little. 11. We went for yummy food, which I failed to take any photos of, but I do have this one of Mark. 12. Overnight bags that get brought along every week when I stay at Mark's. 

Work was fairly dismal last week to be honest. You know how it is sometimes. So I was living for the weekend, which then passed far too quickly. Was up bright and early on Saturday and spent a lovely day with Mark before a really fun night with some friends. Food and wine at home, wine at the pub and a little dance at the end. Perfect. Glad to say I was in a better state than the other two the next morning.

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