Sunday, 16 June 2013

Shopping Bags #3

Revlon nail polish 'Flirt', Collection Lasting Gel Colour 'Watermelon', Look Beauty LipSlick lip gloss 'Buff', No7 Lipliner 'Nude.

Bourjois Bronzing Primer, Collection Lasting Gel Colour

I have been buying much less make up than I used to but these are just a few bits I picked up recently. I don't know why it was so nail varnish heavy, considering my totting up of bottles and decision that I didn't need any more! Oh dear, never mind.

The Lip Slick lip gloss above is my new favourite lip product. I find lipstick too high maintenance to bother with most of the time, but hate sticky horrible lip glosses. This is a really nice formula though as well as being a lovely nudey colour. Win.

The No7 lipliner has been shelved pretty quickly. I bought it on a whim with a money off voucher, after reading a recommendation. But in hindsight, was a bit silly. I don't love the colour (definitely not nude in my opinion, despite the name) and you can literally just wipe it away. No staying power at all.

The Collection nail varnishes are a nice formula and are pretty cheap too. They don't last as long as gel nails would, obviously, but they are shiney. And finally the bronzing primer. I have yet to try this properly, but I. Am. Excited. To.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Week in Outfits #3

Another week, another much of a muchness. 
Sunday's outfit was pretty simple as we went to the zoo :) I cracked out the leopard print just so I could fit in.

On Saturday I stayed in all day tidying and sorting at home, hence the slightly mismatched and I-wouldn't-go-out-shopping-like-this outfit, but I included it in the spirit of completeness.

My favourite outfits were from Bank holiday Monday and Friday. Now, whilst Friday's outfit doesn't look any different to my others, I am in fact NOT wearing my black skinny jeans. Shock horror. The trousers and shoes can be seen above, and I had some new navy cropped 'work' trousers on. I never wear heels to work - always ballet pumps or boots in winter - hence why I felt the need to include a shoe shot. I was meeting a client so had to dress a bit smarter. Normal practice has resumed this week, don't worry.