Saturday, 31 August 2013

Hello September!

As stated in my August post here, I am going to be looking forward to the weeks ahead and listing anything that I'm looking forward to, hoping to achieve or need to tackle.

So here we go, what awaits me in September...

Image from - Please let me know if it's yours and I'll credit/remove as appropriate

1. Holiday in England: With my week off work, Mark and I are heading to Devon (Dartmoor specifically...) and then further down to Cornwall. Fingers crossed the weather holds out on full-on autumn until we come back. I don't mind a bit chilly, but please not too soggy!

2. Autumn: Although I'm not ready to say a proper goodbye to the sunshine yet, I'm trying to get enthusiastic about autumn. Think chunky cardigans, scarves and boots :)

3. Unexpected life turns: The long and short of it is that I was intending on starting a postgraduate degree this month and now, for several reasons, that can't happen. Yes I'm disappointed and annoyed but there's no point in dwelling on it. Onwards and upwards for the next year!

4. Non-spring cleaning: So the mass clear-out and tidy up didn't quite happen last month but is firmly on the cards for September! I might even take a day's leave from work to fully commit!

5. Regular blogging: I started blogging a bit more regularly in August but it's something I really want to keep up in September. I really enjoy documenting my goings on, I just need to make more time for it.

What's everyone else got in store for September?

And in terms of last months...what did I achieve?

1. Getting better control over my finances: Yes! Big tick for this one. New bank account open, balances under control and have got my head around stuff properly. Let's continue this way.
2. Clearout of my wardrobe: No. Not yet. Bunny hop this one onto this month
3. Mass tidy up of my bedroom: Same goes for this one as above. I have a day off work a week or so after my holiday so that WILL be happening then!
4. A bit more commitment to exercise and fitness: Big fat no! Unlikely to happen with the weather getting chillier either...
5. Making some big-ish life decisions: See number 3 above :(
6. Planning what to do with my holiday: Yes! All planned and excitement has set in! We are off tomorrow after work :)
7. Photos: Pfft nope not done this either. In fairness I did think about it, but it actually requires a lot more organisation, working out what I've have and haven't printed and where all the images are. So I'm pushing this back to post-room tidy.

Friday, 30 August 2013

The Week (fortnight...)

Well, this week seems to have turned into this fortnight but I didn't want to just skip out this post so am going to put up an extended version anyway.

My week a couple of week's ago was actually pretty full...

Aside from the usual mundane stuff at work my manager actually quit pretty unexpectedly, so it was all a bit up in the air and stressed/confusing at work. Hopefully it's all settled a bit now though. Carrying on with work, we had our quarterly social and went to Go Ape! It was really fun but I was absolutely terrified when I got up in the trees! I've never been scared of heights before and wasn't feeling nervous at all but I just got really nervous once I was up there. needless to say, my manager and my boss had to help me along the entire way! I definitely recommend it though and shall be going back with boyfriend and/or friends :)

Then the weekend came and Kim, my bestie from uni came to stay which was absolutely lovely! I haven't seen her in months (which is far too long Kim!) so it was so nice just to chat and hang out. After all, we did live together for 3 years! We definitely can't leave it so long next time. We even cracked out Mean Girls. Now you know it was a good weekend.

My sister also came back home to visit on Sunday which was again really nice as I haven't seen her in ages. Was a really nice family day and am looking forward to keeping in better contact and seeing her more often :)

Now moving on to week 2...
I had a fun Bank Holiday weekend, involving going to Mark's gig, spending the day with my dad and then going to Colchester Zoo with Mark. Oh and Indian takeaway. I was exhausted by the time work rolled around on Tuesday but it was worth it.

Nothing exciting has happened during this shortened week but I am off on holiday as off this evening so I will update you next week! :)

Friday, 16 August 2013

The Week

Yep, i know this is super later as it is now Friday and this is the update all the way from laaaast week. But it's been sitting in my drafts and I wanted to post it, so I thought why bloody not? Next week's will be somewhat more eventful (I can guarantee this...what with it being Friday already...)

Monday-Friday: Not a whole lot to say really. Work, work and more work. Boring. The only pictures I seemed to take were quick mirror shots of my work outfits, as demonstrated above!

Saturday: Mark and I went for a yummy Wagamama lunch (ordering what I always order- usch a creature of habit!) then we headed to a doggy rescue centre because we love looking at the little furrballs. No intention of adopting one (don't think my 3 would accept an 'outsider' so will wait until I have a house all of my own), but we did see a lovely terrier than I would have easily smuggled home in my jumper. Well, I'd probably take them all home! Feeling like this is the only downside to trips to the dog rescue centres. 
In the evening I then had yummy food and a really good night out with one of  my bestest chums Laura, as well as Mark and a few friends. This didn't end well though after a horrible cheapo bottle of wine.

Sun: Literally took me the whole day to recover from Saturday. And I've felt sick well into this week too. Not big or clever.
(I have to add - in case any of you think I'm a regular super-drunkard - I'm NEVER ill from drinking and never even get hangovers really. This was an odd one off and one I hope never to repeat! Forever going to blame the very cheap wine).

What did you all get up to?

Monday, 12 August 2013

Weekend shopping...continued

Following on from last week's's the second half of my weekend shopping, which includes all the non-beauty related bits I bought a couple of weeks ago. (If you didn't catch it, you can see the skincare, make up etc I bought here).

First up is my new favourite handbag which I had spotted online so was on a mission to find in store. I love the fringing and it's a great 'weekend' size, Plus it has both a long and a short strap - something I always prefer in a bag. All for £19.99. Sold. Thanks H&M.

Then I picked up these few bits and pieces in River Island - I shop I normally never go in. Mixed bag here, as I've gone off the crosses bracelet a bit now, and as cute as I think finger top rings are...they're really annoying to wear! I can see me losing both of them in the not too distant future.

Once again I filmed a video of this haul, which also includes a few bits of clothing that I haven't shown here as I find clothes really hard to photograph well! So have a watch if you want to see those bits or if you just want to here me chat a bit more about the things I bought :) 

Friday, 9 August 2013

Hello August!

This is a new post that I'd like to keep going in the coming months, looking forward to the weeks ahead and listing anything that I'm looking forward to, hoping to achieve or need to tackle.

So here we go, what awaits me in August...

1. Getting better control over my finances: I left uni over a year ago now, with my bank account showing the signs of 4 years spent as a student. Following this with an unpaid internship in London didn't help much. Fast-forward though and I now work full-time and earn a monthly wage. My bank account is back look semi-healthy again and I want to keep it this way and start budgeting and laying down some plans for the future. The next year looks like it might be an expensive one so having something to fall back on will give me peace of mind - being the eternal worrier that I am!

2. Clearout of my wardrobe...again: There's a fine line between having enough options and having lots of stuff you never wear, and the latter fuzzes up my brain. I always try to be ruthless but I am going to take inspiration from Anna and really go for it. Just need to get in the right mind-set!

3. Mass tidy up of my bedroom: I don't get many free hours at home so I tend to have a mammoth tidy up/reorganisation when I can devote some time to it, and preserve that for as long as I can before it all descends into chaos again. If my room stays messy for too long it starts to stress me out, and we're creeping towards that right now. Messy bed messy head!

4. A bit more commitment to exercise and fitness: I've chosen a little running route near my house and been a few times now, so I'm hoping to persevere with this and maybe spend a bit more quality time with the cross-trainer too. It's in my house, I've no excuse! Otherwise I'm going to be one of those people who slowly becomes chubby and doesn't notice until my jeans don't do up.

5. Making some big-ish life this space!

6. Planning what to do with my holiday: Mark and I have both booked a week off work in early September so we need to decide what to do and where to go! We're staying UK bound as we went to Morocco back in April, but other than that we can do anything! Currently leaning towards some time in Cornwall...

7. Photos: I MUST remember to make a big order of digital prints online. I haven't printed off any photos over the past year and, whilst having them all on the computer is really handy, it's just not the same as having them in frames and photo albums.

What's everyone else got in store this August?

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Weekend shopping

I did a little bit of spending the other week when I was out shopping for family birthday presents with my mum (who was a bad influence!). Here are the haircare/skincare/makeup bits. The non-beauty related bits will be up here in a separate post in the coming week (and it includes my new favourite handbag!)

The picture shows all the items, but if you want to watch me ramble on a bit more about them then please watch the youtube video I filmed :)
I love a few of these products and others I'm still on the fence about, but when I've made my mind up about them they'll probably crop up again in a post. Otherwise, let me know if you want my thoughts on anything I bought.

Liked the video? Have any thoughts on any of things I bought or other recommendations? Let me know :)

Monday, 5 August 2013

Sunny birthday weekend

Last weekend was Mark's birthday (hello 27!) and we had a lovely time celebrating it in the London sunshine so I thought I'd share some of the photos.

The photo below seems to be our automatic 'let's have a picture of us here' pose for every time it's an occasion or we visit somewhere. Which is a bit silly, because we could literally be anywhere and you wouldn't be able to tell! We are, in fact, at London Zoo. Yep, super mature birthday outing.

No great animal snaps to include here, but my favourites were the otters, penguins and of course the sloths! Watching one being fed was the slowest mealtime I've ever seen.

We thought we'd go to an American style diner for dinner, so I had a little scout around beforehand and settles on 'The Diner' (yep, super original) at Covent Garden, although they have a few others scattered around London. As you can see, I had an overloaded hotdog and sweet potato fries, seriously tasty. I really wanted one of their alcohol milkshakes for pudding but we were just too full! If you like diner food then it's worth a visit, especially with the diner music and the booths. Not ideal for a proper birthday meal though as there's only so long you can labour over a hotdog.

Finally we were going to head to a few pubs/bars in Covent Garden but instead we did something spontaneous and followed a leaflet we were given for a Comedy Club round the corner. It was peeing down with rain and we've been saying we'll go to a comedy night for ages, so we just went with it! Tickets were half price, the bar was cheap and the show was actually really funny so it was a good choice. I imagine it's a bit hit or miss, but you haven't got much to lose really if you're just looking to try out a comedy show.

So that was our lovely birthday Saturday. (In case you're wondering, it was rounded up with a slice of Colin the Caterpillar cake).