Friday, 9 August 2013

Hello August!

This is a new post that I'd like to keep going in the coming months, looking forward to the weeks ahead and listing anything that I'm looking forward to, hoping to achieve or need to tackle.

So here we go, what awaits me in August...

1. Getting better control over my finances: I left uni over a year ago now, with my bank account showing the signs of 4 years spent as a student. Following this with an unpaid internship in London didn't help much. Fast-forward though and I now work full-time and earn a monthly wage. My bank account is back look semi-healthy again and I want to keep it this way and start budgeting and laying down some plans for the future. The next year looks like it might be an expensive one so having something to fall back on will give me peace of mind - being the eternal worrier that I am!

2. Clearout of my wardrobe...again: There's a fine line between having enough options and having lots of stuff you never wear, and the latter fuzzes up my brain. I always try to be ruthless but I am going to take inspiration from Anna and really go for it. Just need to get in the right mind-set!

3. Mass tidy up of my bedroom: I don't get many free hours at home so I tend to have a mammoth tidy up/reorganisation when I can devote some time to it, and preserve that for as long as I can before it all descends into chaos again. If my room stays messy for too long it starts to stress me out, and we're creeping towards that right now. Messy bed messy head!

4. A bit more commitment to exercise and fitness: I've chosen a little running route near my house and been a few times now, so I'm hoping to persevere with this and maybe spend a bit more quality time with the cross-trainer too. It's in my house, I've no excuse! Otherwise I'm going to be one of those people who slowly becomes chubby and doesn't notice until my jeans don't do up.

5. Making some big-ish life this space!

6. Planning what to do with my holiday: Mark and I have both booked a week off work in early September so we need to decide what to do and where to go! We're staying UK bound as we went to Morocco back in April, but other than that we can do anything! Currently leaning towards some time in Cornwall...

7. Photos: I MUST remember to make a big order of digital prints online. I haven't printed off any photos over the past year and, whilst having them all on the computer is really handy, it's just not the same as having them in frames and photo albums.

What's everyone else got in store this August?

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