Saturday, 31 August 2013

Hello September!

As stated in my August post here, I am going to be looking forward to the weeks ahead and listing anything that I'm looking forward to, hoping to achieve or need to tackle.

So here we go, what awaits me in September...

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1. Holiday in England: With my week off work, Mark and I are heading to Devon (Dartmoor specifically...) and then further down to Cornwall. Fingers crossed the weather holds out on full-on autumn until we come back. I don't mind a bit chilly, but please not too soggy!

2. Autumn: Although I'm not ready to say a proper goodbye to the sunshine yet, I'm trying to get enthusiastic about autumn. Think chunky cardigans, scarves and boots :)

3. Unexpected life turns: The long and short of it is that I was intending on starting a postgraduate degree this month and now, for several reasons, that can't happen. Yes I'm disappointed and annoyed but there's no point in dwelling on it. Onwards and upwards for the next year!

4. Non-spring cleaning: So the mass clear-out and tidy up didn't quite happen last month but is firmly on the cards for September! I might even take a day's leave from work to fully commit!

5. Regular blogging: I started blogging a bit more regularly in August but it's something I really want to keep up in September. I really enjoy documenting my goings on, I just need to make more time for it.

What's everyone else got in store for September?

And in terms of last months...what did I achieve?

1. Getting better control over my finances: Yes! Big tick for this one. New bank account open, balances under control and have got my head around stuff properly. Let's continue this way.
2. Clearout of my wardrobe: No. Not yet. Bunny hop this one onto this month
3. Mass tidy up of my bedroom: Same goes for this one as above. I have a day off work a week or so after my holiday so that WILL be happening then!
4. A bit more commitment to exercise and fitness: Big fat no! Unlikely to happen with the weather getting chillier either...
5. Making some big-ish life decisions: See number 3 above :(
6. Planning what to do with my holiday: Yes! All planned and excitement has set in! We are off tomorrow after work :)
7. Photos: Pfft nope not done this either. In fairness I did think about it, but it actually requires a lot more organisation, working out what I've have and haven't printed and where all the images are. So I'm pushing this back to post-room tidy.

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