Monday, 5 August 2013

Sunny birthday weekend

Last weekend was Mark's birthday (hello 27!) and we had a lovely time celebrating it in the London sunshine so I thought I'd share some of the photos.

The photo below seems to be our automatic 'let's have a picture of us here' pose for every time it's an occasion or we visit somewhere. Which is a bit silly, because we could literally be anywhere and you wouldn't be able to tell! We are, in fact, at London Zoo. Yep, super mature birthday outing.

No great animal snaps to include here, but my favourites were the otters, penguins and of course the sloths! Watching one being fed was the slowest mealtime I've ever seen.

We thought we'd go to an American style diner for dinner, so I had a little scout around beforehand and settles on 'The Diner' (yep, super original) at Covent Garden, although they have a few others scattered around London. As you can see, I had an overloaded hotdog and sweet potato fries, seriously tasty. I really wanted one of their alcohol milkshakes for pudding but we were just too full! If you like diner food then it's worth a visit, especially with the diner music and the booths. Not ideal for a proper birthday meal though as there's only so long you can labour over a hotdog.

Finally we were going to head to a few pubs/bars in Covent Garden but instead we did something spontaneous and followed a leaflet we were given for a Comedy Club round the corner. It was peeing down with rain and we've been saying we'll go to a comedy night for ages, so we just went with it! Tickets were half price, the bar was cheap and the show was actually really funny so it was a good choice. I imagine it's a bit hit or miss, but you haven't got much to lose really if you're just looking to try out a comedy show.

So that was our lovely birthday Saturday. (In case you're wondering, it was rounded up with a slice of Colin the Caterpillar cake).

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