Friday, 30 August 2013

The Week (fortnight...)

Well, this week seems to have turned into this fortnight but I didn't want to just skip out this post so am going to put up an extended version anyway.

My week a couple of week's ago was actually pretty full...

Aside from the usual mundane stuff at work my manager actually quit pretty unexpectedly, so it was all a bit up in the air and stressed/confusing at work. Hopefully it's all settled a bit now though. Carrying on with work, we had our quarterly social and went to Go Ape! It was really fun but I was absolutely terrified when I got up in the trees! I've never been scared of heights before and wasn't feeling nervous at all but I just got really nervous once I was up there. needless to say, my manager and my boss had to help me along the entire way! I definitely recommend it though and shall be going back with boyfriend and/or friends :)

Then the weekend came and Kim, my bestie from uni came to stay which was absolutely lovely! I haven't seen her in months (which is far too long Kim!) so it was so nice just to chat and hang out. After all, we did live together for 3 years! We definitely can't leave it so long next time. We even cracked out Mean Girls. Now you know it was a good weekend.

My sister also came back home to visit on Sunday which was again really nice as I haven't seen her in ages. Was a really nice family day and am looking forward to keeping in better contact and seeing her more often :)

Now moving on to week 2...
I had a fun Bank Holiday weekend, involving going to Mark's gig, spending the day with my dad and then going to Colchester Zoo with Mark. Oh and Indian takeaway. I was exhausted by the time work rolled around on Tuesday but it was worth it.

Nothing exciting has happened during this shortened week but I am off on holiday as off this evening so I will update you next week! :)

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