Friday, 16 August 2013

The Week

Yep, i know this is super later as it is now Friday and this is the update all the way from laaaast week. But it's been sitting in my drafts and I wanted to post it, so I thought why bloody not? Next week's will be somewhat more eventful (I can guarantee this...what with it being Friday already...)

Monday-Friday: Not a whole lot to say really. Work, work and more work. Boring. The only pictures I seemed to take were quick mirror shots of my work outfits, as demonstrated above!

Saturday: Mark and I went for a yummy Wagamama lunch (ordering what I always order- usch a creature of habit!) then we headed to a doggy rescue centre because we love looking at the little furrballs. No intention of adopting one (don't think my 3 would accept an 'outsider' so will wait until I have a house all of my own), but we did see a lovely terrier than I would have easily smuggled home in my jumper. Well, I'd probably take them all home! Feeling like this is the only downside to trips to the dog rescue centres. 
In the evening I then had yummy food and a really good night out with one of  my bestest chums Laura, as well as Mark and a few friends. This didn't end well though after a horrible cheapo bottle of wine.

Sun: Literally took me the whole day to recover from Saturday. And I've felt sick well into this week too. Not big or clever.
(I have to add - in case any of you think I'm a regular super-drunkard - I'm NEVER ill from drinking and never even get hangovers really. This was an odd one off and one I hope never to repeat! Forever going to blame the very cheap wine).

What did you all get up to?

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