Monday, 12 August 2013

Weekend shopping...continued

Following on from last week's's the second half of my weekend shopping, which includes all the non-beauty related bits I bought a couple of weeks ago. (If you didn't catch it, you can see the skincare, make up etc I bought here).

First up is my new favourite handbag which I had spotted online so was on a mission to find in store. I love the fringing and it's a great 'weekend' size, Plus it has both a long and a short strap - something I always prefer in a bag. All for £19.99. Sold. Thanks H&M.

Then I picked up these few bits and pieces in River Island - I shop I normally never go in. Mixed bag here, as I've gone off the crosses bracelet a bit now, and as cute as I think finger top rings are...they're really annoying to wear! I can see me losing both of them in the not too distant future.

Once again I filmed a video of this haul, which also includes a few bits of clothing that I haven't shown here as I find clothes really hard to photograph well! So have a watch if you want to see those bits or if you just want to here me chat a bit more about the things I bought :) 

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