Thursday, 19 September 2013

My Dartmoor / Cornwall holiday 2013

With a week's holiday booked from work and finances having already taken a slight dent from our Morocco trip earlier this year, Mark and I loaded up the car and trundled down to the South West for a lovely (and actually very sunny!) week away.

Picture heavy and slightly scrambles, but here you go anyway!

Note: We don't have matching sunglasses!...Mark just apparently only buys 1 type

We didn't have too many firm plans other than our accommodation but we did have some things in mind as Devon and Cornwall are places we'd both holidayed at when we were younger.

Exploring, Cream teas, Wild ponies and horse riding :)

Conquering the first of many tors
Cute little house from the film War Horse

I love this picture even though we're squinting at the very bright sunshine!
Eating chips at the harbour
Mine exploring...safely and in style
Introducing Mark to crabbing!

Yummy Rick Stein fish & chips!
Hiring bikes (and cycling 10 miles!)

Breakfast at Bill's during a last minute stop-over in my old uni city of Bath
Time to go home :(

With the weather being so uncharacteristically lovely for September we were able to do lots of outdoors things which kept us busy and also made for a much cheaper holiday. I definitely didn't anticipate such an active holiday. In fact, before we booked it we were weighing up either the UK or a week on the beach in Spain. I'm glad we went for England though!

Our week away was absolutely lovely, so much so that I kept thinking that everything was working out so perfectly that we were definitely due for something to go wrong! (Which, thankfully, it didn't!)

My mum and step-dad are off to Cornwall this week for a holiday and so far the weather's looking pretty rubbish, so fingers crossed they get at least a little bit of the sunshine we had!

Do you have any suggestions for where else we should visit in the UK? Either for weekends away or for a full week at some point?

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