Saturday, 2 November 2013

Hello November!

So here are the things awaiting me this month...

1. My birthday: My birthday has completely crept up on me this year...I’d sort of forgotten about it! Haven’t quite decided what I’m going to do for the occasion yet but it’s on a Friday and I’ve booked a long weekend off work. I’m sure a girly night out with cocktails will be in there somewhere. Turning 24 and entering my mid-20s, as my friends keep reminding me! Fully intend on buying myself a birthday present this year as a treat/congrats to myself with some extra work monies that I have from my promotion.

2. Bonfire night: Ah I love the autumn holidays (Halloween’s now passed obviously, but I’m including that too). Wrapping up like a Michelin man to go and stand in the cold, ooh and aah at fireworks and write your name with a sparkler. I’ll be heading to at least one display this year. There was no bonfire at the one I went to last year though and sparklers were banned too...what is this madness?!

3. Work...sort of: As I mentioned, I got a promotion recently following a prolonged period of 'what am I doing here?!' so I am looking forward to embracing that and really getting stuck in with my new role. That said, expect me to still be moaning about work on Twitter on a regular basis.

4. Keeping up with fitness: Way back in August I was failing miserably at the exercise goal with no sign of motivation in sight. But recently I've sort of got into a bit of a routine with doing exercise which I really want to keep up...and I think I actually might manage it! I feel slightly more in control of my body, if that makes sense? And that's a good feeling. My only problem is that I get bored, so I don't go for half as long as I potentially good. But someone recently told me that audiobooks are really good to run I've just added one to my itunes and am going to give that a whirl! I get bored of music quite quickly when I'm doing exercise, so any suggestions for staying non-bored are much appreciated!

5. Saving monies: I got my finances under much better control a few months ago now (having 2 bank accounts has helped me so much in managing my money each month!) so now I'd like to focus on starting to build up some savings. Because I cannot be living at home forever! Having said that, I do also need to learn to enjoy my wages slightly more and not feel bad for making a few purchases. I work hard so I do deserve to actually spend a little bit of the money I'm earning on nice things (yes Dad...I really do).

6. Looking better: I really need to start putting some work outfits together better. I am always in a rush for everything, including getting ready for work in the mornings. Cue throwing on a few simple things that can't clash and adding a bit printed scarf. Yes there's something to be said for a signature look but this is not quite that. I sit on the tube with outfit envy on a daily basis so it's time to up my game. I bought the 'Stylebook' app a couple of months ago now and it's amazing and perfect for outfit planning, but so far I've only dabbled. I have a few free weekend slots coming up though, so now might be the time to commit.

7.  Bloggy blog blog: I know I've said this a lot of times before...but I really do want to be blogging more! I have a tonne of things I've bought that I want to show you on here, and I want to keep my little weekend updates etc going too so I can look back at this and remember the things I've done and what I was thinking/feeling. But I just haven't put words to (virtual) paper for some reason. Yes I'm busy. But so is everyone else. I need to make some more time for this hobby so I am really going to be try. I must keep reminding myself that it doesn't have to be perfect for me to press 'publish'. So expect some more regularity from me here... Fingers crossed!

Let me know what you're up to this month :)

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