Wednesday, 27 November 2013

My 24th birthday :)

Nearly two weeks ago now I was nudged my mid-20s and  turned the grand old age of 24.
 I had a really lovely long birthday weekend and it was just what I need after a few days of feeling a bit down.

Pressies to myself ...
Yankee candle advent calendar
Enrapture curler (more to come on that another day)

Lovely pressies from family and friends, including tickets to see Taylor Swift next year! Also got the practical present of an ‘Air Floss’ (yep yep, boring but useful!). And girly things like a hair dryer (works so quickly!), OPI, tan bag, oversized scarf. And  some cash, books and gift cards too.

Obligatory birthday selfie. I cracked out a new red lippie I bought during that week. Not amazing lasting power but it was a nice shade, easy to apply and didn't look awful when it had worn off a little. So I'll put up with re-applying as needed.

I took the Friday off work, as that was my actual birthday, and headed into London for a day of fun with the boyf :) We headed to the Breakfast Club (the one near Liverpool St station) for an early lunch and I had the American breakfast which was delicious. I really like this place but I think it's better during the week, it feels a bit too 'trendy' for me at the weekend.

Please excuse my funny pose, it was bloody freezing!

With full stomachs we then toddled down to the Tower of London where we had a very entertaining tour with one of the Beefeaters. I have been before but not since I was at school so it was good to go back. I love all that sort of history.

After our daytime activities Mark surprised me with dinner and cocktails at a French restaurant and finally by booking tickets for us to go and see...Matilda!! I'd heard great reviews of the show from friends and really wanted to see it so this was the perfect choice! It was amazing - the kiddy actors, the songs and the staging (which you can see a sneak peek of below!). I would definitely recommend it as the next one to see if you like musicals.

And that was the end of my actual birthday! I was exhausted and fell asleep on the train home. What a finish!

On Saturday night I went to a friends house and we had a yummy home-cooked mexican feast as well as prosecco and cocktails (thanks Emma!), before heading out to a couple of bars in town. It was a really fun girly evening and you can see me looking a little bleary-eyed in the photo below!

My parents took me and Mark out for a really yummy Sunday lunch at a nice country pub the next day as I hadn't seen them very much on my birthday. 3 courses. Done :)
And I booked Monday off work too and went for (another) lunch with Dad and my step-mum.

So there you go. Reading it back it seems like I really dragged out this birthday!

I had a really lovely weekend though and Mark, my parents and my friends all made me feel very loved :) And I didn't even mind getting older.

Turning 25 might be a different story though...


  1. I love a good dragged out birthday! You look gorgeous in all your photos, even if your hair isn't quite you wanted I think it looks amazing. Your birthday sounds so much fun, I always drag mine out over a week! It's what they're for! I've got to try this American Breakfast, and yes, Matilda is amazing. So glad it all made you happy again :)


  2. OMG i really loved Matilda too! i wasn't sure that i would, but then i did, and it made me so happy!

  3. Ellie - Aw thanks lovely. Dragging out birthdays is definitely the way to go, after's only once a year! Yes yes get yourself down there and try the breaky, so yummy but don't get the veggie sausage, it was gross. xxx

    Erica - Yay glad you liked it too! I was a liiiittle bit worries it would be more aimed at kids and a bit 'silly' but it wasn't at all! xxx