Friday, 8 November 2013

Quick spot of online shopping

I think I've bought more things this last two weeks than I have in one go for months! I really needed a few staples for work and casual now that it's turning colder. Here are the few bits I ordered online earlier this week, and the rest will pop up here soon I'm sure!

I've had my eye on this heart print New Look shirt for a couple of weeks but it's always out of stock in the shops and online. I saw it come back in stock briefly though so added it to my basket and checked out immediately! It's a perfect fit, although I haven't actually worn it to work yet as it arrived quite crumpled and I've been too lazy to get the iron out this week.

This belt was also from New Look, just a cheapy faux leather one for about £3. A;; my other belt are tan coloured, so I thought I could do with a black one.

Finally the boots. This has been a long and arduous search, which I'm not sure is actually over. I wanted some black ankle boots (mainly for work, although I want some which fit the same description for casual...but I don't want them to be the same boots. Make sense?), not flat but with an everyday heel. And not an I-take-taxis-everywhere-and-drive-to-work sort of everyday heel. An actual commuting sort of everyday heel. Well I have searched basically everywhere and couldn't find a single pair that weren't too high. If you have any suggestions please fire them my way! Anyway, I found these on ASOS last week after one of their offer emails popped into my inbox. I'd had my eye on them before as a 'maybe' but they're not real leather and were £40, which I think is silly. However, down to £24 and back in stock, I bought them. They're actually really comfy and perfect for what I was looking for. But the quality isn't amazing and they would not have been worth £40. I am still on the hunt though, because I really wanted to pay a bit more for real leather ones that would last. I'm singing the praises of these now, but I bet after a month of tube use they'll be all scuffed up in a plastic unsalvageable kind of way.

What have you been buying lately?

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