Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Week

Here's what I've been up to. How about you?

{Insert completely non-spectacular looking photo of firework!}

So last week was quite a nice one. I felt a bit off-kilter at the beginning but got it back on track and had a good end-week and weekend :)

Monday and Tuesday were major train disruption due to the storm and I had to work from home as all trains on my line to London were cancelled. Actually, I had to work from my boyfriend's home as that's where I'd stayed Sunday night. And he had to do the same. Cue too much time spent together in one small room, trying to do completely different things. Once I got back to work I spent the rest of the week playing catchup for my lack of at-home productivity. The willing was there, but it's just not so easy to work when you're a Windows girl using your boyfriend's Mac, have no access to your work files and have to listen to techy speak on the other side of the room. To-do list was all ticked off by Friday home time though. Win.

I love Halloween so I got thoroughly into the spirit this week. On Wednesday I went to a fright night type thing at a castle ruins near where I live. It was sort of walking dead/undead virus themed and I screamed. A lot. In hindsight it's such a weird concept, paying to be terrified. But it was really good fun! Then just a scary film night in on Thursday. I also did the obligatory pumpkin carving and baked some gingerbread vampire bats to take in to work.

Friday was a definite food day at work. I am the only female in my office and those boys are a bad influence! I was very impressed with Wasabi at lunch though. Have never been before but I got a noodle/chicken tub and was really impressed at the amount of tasty food you get. A fiver well-spent. Oh and I finished off the evening by eating lots of leftover Halloween sweets in front of the tv... May have cancelled out the session I did on the cross-trainer beforehand.

I was a football widow on Saturday so took myself off to do some shopping. I could have gone with friends but sometimes you just fancy a bit of solitary retail indulging. My debit card took a little bit of a hit in H&M and Zara but I had wanted to treat myself a bit and got some staples, so all is justified. I even bought a few Christmas presents and they're not the first of the year. What has happened to me?
Mark and I scouted out some fireworks for the evening, so I scooted back from Cambridge to wrap up in layers and go and ooh and ahh and the loud pretty things. My favourites are always the big white and slightly purpley ones (terrible description) that look a bit like Christmas lights. It was nice to just cuddle up outside and watch the fireworks. I was disappointed in no bonfire though :( We finished off the evening with dinner at an Indian restaurant and a drink in the pub with a friend. Lovely, easy Saturday evening.

Sundays always feel rushed to me, despite having had a lie-in. I did a bit more shopping (oh dear!) and then toddled back home as I tutor one of my neighbours on a Sunday evening. Finished the weekend by watching the X Factor and Downton Abbey with my parents :)

I haven't done one of these posts for a while, so here are a few other things I've been up to over the last couple of months (other than work work work)...
Mark and I went to show the show Wicked, my first trip to la Tasca (yum!), baking macaroons, London cocktails, sitting in the audience of a tv show recording, my first (and second) trips to Byron Burger, a pub quiz, and finally rinks with an old friend who I haven't seen for years....

I'll leave you with a picture of me tormenting my dog by giving her my hair as a wig...

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