Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The Week

What I wore: Yes actual colour for once! ; What I bought: Too much!

My Mon-Fri last week was pretty much just work and some dedicated cross-trainer/exercise time. Mark was away at a course for the week so I didn't see him at all. I had some extra reports etc going on at work so that kept me pretty busy.

On Saturday I went for lunch at Zizzi’s, where I have eaten in ages, and it was nice but took absolutely forever between courses and to get the bill. I hate that when you’re all done and ready to leave and there’s no one in sight to ask for the bill. The food was nice, but there is just something about that restaurant that puts me off.

I then went to London with my boyfriend and 2 friends to the ITV studios to watch All Star Family Fortunes being filmed. One was a corrie special but in the other I got to see the Kimberley Walsh in the flesh (yes, as attractive as on tv!). Not to mention the lovely Vernon Kay who was highly entertaining.

Sunday morning was really nice, we got up and went and sat downstairs in pjs and under a cosy blanket to watch Saturday’s X factor, then the remembrance parade at the Cenotaph. Then after that I was a football widow once more as our little town was actual playing a bigger team and was broadcast live on ITV1. Very happy boyfriend. So I went a did a bit more shopping (after saying I wouldn't...) then headed home for a Sunday roast and the final episode of Downton Abbey. I keep telling myself I’m buying 'staples' when I’m shopping these last couple of weeks, which is better than buying toot, but still money being spent. I opened up a savings account too though in the hope it might facilitate me actually saving money.... we'll see!

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