Monday, 2 December 2013

Hello December!

Here we go, what awaits me in December..

1. Having a little scented Yankee candle for every day of the month. That advent calendar was £20 well-spent. I have the obligatory chocolate one from Mumma-bear too though, obvs.

2. Wearing Christmas PJs that have been banished to the back of a drawer for a year. Oh and debuting that Christmas cardigan (in the photo) that my boyfriend's mum hand-knitted me. Amazing!

3. Seeing Russell Brand - we have tickets to his show one night after work later this week which makes a nice change from the normal routine. I have high hopes, so don't disappoint me Russell!

4. A few long weekends - I had some holiday days to take before the end of the year so decided that I would appreciate a few long weekends more than a whole week off work. Cue lots of relaxing, as well as organising and some final Christmas shopping (hoping to avoid weekend shopping completely as it's already chaos. I'm telling you, the aisles of Boots become a battle field from 1st December).

5. Visiting the Harry Potter studio tour! I cannot wait to do this and have been forcing Mark to watch all the films educating Mark in preparation. I have my heart set on buying a Ministry of Magic mug. And I might be persuaded by a cuddly Crookshanks too.

6. Gift giving - I love it when you know you've bought something that the person will just love.  I unintentionally started my shopping early doors this year, which has helped. Stressful boy present purchasing is always less fun though!

7. Playing family board games at Christmas. Not really a tradition that's taken hold in my family but I was bought Articulate last month and I WILL be forcing people to play with me.

8. Watching Love Actually, my favourite Christmas film which I watch every year. It just leave me with a warm glow :) Well, except for the Alan Rickman/Emma Thompson storyline which I have to glaze over. When I say 'favourite' Christmas film, I don't really like any other Christmas films. Except maybe The Holiday. Is that a Christmas film? No films with Santa or elves though please. Especially not Elf.

9. Going on some lovely crisp winter walks where the leaves are all falling off the trees and you have to wrap up warm in scarves and gloves. And then you can come home with pink noses, warm your hands up on the fire and cosy down with a nice cup of tea and a film :) Perfect.

I don't want to talk about Christmassy things too much here as I think I'll do a separate post for that a bit nearer the time. Christmas isn't my favourite time of the year though, but I am slowly easing myself in! Let's give it a couple of weeks eh?

I have also toyed with the idea of doing 'blogmas', but I'm not sure that a) posting every day isn't a bit annoying for readers and b) I'll be able to actually achieve it. If I do go ahead then there will be little mini-posts/thoughts interspersed with proper blog posts. Watch this space

The less fun things this month: will include working on all the days around Christmas (I have deadlines then so don't have much choice. I will be working from home but I find that can be quite stressful!). My wage also appears to have already disappeared into thin air, despite payday being less than a week ago. So careful planning of pennies will be necessary until my (post-Christmas day!!) December pay. Oh and my car insurance helpfully expires on 29th December. Whose idea was that?!

What are you looking forward to this December?
Any other recommendation for Christmas films that might win me round?


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  1. Wow December sounds like a very exciting and fun month for you! I'll definitely be watching "Love Actually" this holiday season, it's one of my favourites!