Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Goals for 2014

I have loved reading everyone's 'start of year' posts to kick of 2014, and have delayed doing mine for a few days whilst I finalised in my head exactly what I want to achieve in the coming year. Like most people, I'm not calling these resolutions for the new year, but goals. In the end, everyone's aspirations are ultimately just things that will make them and those around them happier, right? So that's basically the key. Be me. But better.


1. USE things more - enjoy the things I have, rather than hoarding or saving for the ‘right’ occasion.

2. Fitness. So cliché I know. I don’t want to lose any weight or become slimmer but I would like to tone my body, improve my overall fitness and strength and keep up the effort required to achieve this. I’ve set my sister’s wedding in September as a sort of goal date for this and something to aim for.

3. Progress in my career. Whether that be salary, promotion or completion of some big tasks. I achieved quite a lot work-wise over the last year but I want to maintain that focus and push that bit more. At 24 it's time to take control of my career, rather than just calling it my 'work'.

4. Money money money. Now that I’m in a position to, I want to carry on saving money properly. I would really like to move out into my own apartment with my boyfriend. That might not happen in 2014 but I at least want to know I'm making some progress towards this.

5. Controlling my worry. This will be challenging because it’s hard to change the way you think, even when you know you want to. I am going to try hard to just let go of things that are out of my control or aren’t ultimately that important. I’ve seen this crop up a few times on other people’s blogs, so maybe us blogger are just a worrisome bunch? Nice to know I’m not alone though!

6. Work harder at my relationships. With friends, family and Mark.

7. Blogging. Again, another popular one. I am not going to make promises to upload stunning photos or write 3 posts a week. I’m just going to make more time for my blog and social media when I can, comment on others’ posts more and keep chatting to other lovely girls who blog too. A possible rebrand may be the on the cards at some point too, as this has become more of a lifestyle blog and I want the name to reflect that.

8. Took good care of my teeth! I don’t currently have a dentist BUT I’ve taken up regular flossing, got a fancy Philips Airfloss as a gift and have been looking after my teeth better than ever. I may even dabble in some at-home whitening this year. Or, you know, get myself a dentist…

9. Earlier bed times on a school night. For at least a few nights a week anyway. Hard but necessary, especially during the dark winter months. Towards the end of last year my no-time-for-hairwash mornings were far too many.

10. Working on my French (otherwise what a wasted portion of a degree that was!) and maybe dabble in another language.

I know we're not very far in to the new year at all yet, but I feel like I've had a positive start so am hoping things will continue that way. And I have this blog post to remind me of what I wanted to work towards if I waiver :)

I'd love to hear what everyone else is hoping to work on or achieve in the new year. Are your goals similar to mine or completely different?

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  1. I know this is a super old post! But I know what you mean about no-time-for-hairwash mornings! They come up for me far too often and should really try and get to bed earlier in the week too! XX