Monday, 20 January 2014

The Week in Photos

(L-R, 1-13)

So here's what I've been snapping quickly on Instagram over the last week or two.

1. Work wear number one. I got this khaki shirt in the New Look sale and paired it with a chunky gold necklace that a friend bought me for Christmas. Really liked this combo. You will notice  I am a real creature of habit with my work clothes though. Black jeans, check. Slightly loose shirt, check.

2. Finally wearing the Pandora bracelet my boyfriend bought me for Christmas. I have a few of these charm type bracelets but am always so paranoid they're going to fall off!

3. Debuting my patterned Zara trousers that I tweeted about the night before as I wasn't sure about them. They caught my eye when I was on my way to the till and I love the print, especially as I'd been looking for some printed work trousers for a while. I'm glad I went with them though and ignored any 'why are you wearing your pjs?' comments because I really liked them and even got a few compliments.

4. Yummy lunchtime trip to Bill's. I had the fish finger sandwich and we shared some long stem broccoli as a side. I couldn't finish it all though as I ignored my better judgement and had a starter. In my defence though, the mushroom pasty parcel was VERY good.

5. My handbag broke on the way to the office one morning in the rain, so it was the perfect opportunity to get myself a new work bag. I got this in the Zara sale the same day and chucked the broken one straight in the bin! Love the bag, but having said that, Zara's sale reductions are complete pants. I would have walked past on principle. But I really needed a bag. 

6. Another firm favourite for the office. Loud shirt plus black skinny jeans and boots. Easy.

7. My tartan scarf hasn't had much air time this winter.

8. Here's my streamlined 'to-read' list after clearing up my messy bed-side table. I am a magazine hoarder and it's so annoying.

9. I took Mum out for brunch on Saturday to a cute little tea shop in my town. She had a cooked breakfast and I had pancakes with maple syrup and bacon. It was so good. I was thirsty for the rest of the day though.

10. Went with Essie Fiji on my nails, which is my favourite 'natural' polish at the moment. Oh, and another loud office shirt.

11. I tutor a neighbour's daughter in French every week, and we're working on reading Harry Potter at the moment.

12. I made an online order with H&M and the items actually didn't take forever to arrive, despite their usually terrible online service. The mustard jumper you can see was really the main reason for the order. I was pleasantly surprised by the spotty wrap dress though. Not clingy and only £15, win.

13. Finally I had the dull task of cleaning my makeup brushes. Snoreeeee. It was well overdue though.

See you for another catchup next week :)

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