Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Week in Photos

(L-R, 1-9)

So here's what I've been up to this week according to Instagram

1. I never really switch it up with my workwear (I am strictly a skinny black jeans girl) but I ordered this jersey wrap dress from H&M on a whim and I love it. The sizing is a tiny bit odd as it's a choice of S/M/L but because of the style of the dress that doesn't matter too much. It was so comfy to wear with thick black tights and made a nice change. I am on the lookout for another one in this style but am very aware of not looking too 'mumsy'.

2. Avocado and scrambled eggs on toast for lunch. It was...alright. Not quite as scrummy as it looked because I had to do microwave eggs but it did fill me up.

3. I repurchased this mascara for the third time I think. Definitely a firm favourite. I don't know about the 'brightening effect' but I really like the formula.

4. One of my colleagues was away last week so I do a lot of solo lunching. Enter Glamour magazine. It takes me ages to get around to reading a magazine so I was making a conscious effort. Oh and leftovers for lunch: butternut squash, bacon and leek risotto. So good. Thanks Mum :)

5. On Saturday we had a lovely night out for my friend's birthday. Happy birthday Laura! This was the last photo I took with my phone that night before it promptly died as we were leaving the cocktail bar. Those Hedgerow Martinis were good by the way!

6. Another workwear snap (can you tell I don't get up to much during the week?). I know leopard print really isn't everyone's cup of tea but I love it. I just treat it as a neutral!

7. On Saturday I did the dreaded double denim, but my jeans were almost black and my shirt was very light so I think I got away with it. Also wore my favourite necklace.

8. The makeup brushes I bought on ebay arrived and, considering they were from China, didn't take as long as i had expected. They're obviously copies of the Real Techniques brushes which I love (and will continue to buy), but they're really soft and it's nice to have a couple of cheaper backups for when the real deal is long overdue a clean.

9. I did a little bit of shopping on Saturday and as you might have guessed my basket featured a few of the things I mentioned in my wishlist post. Watch this space...

What did you get up to last week?

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